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  1. Specials vetting.

    no one on here will be able to give you a definite answer. just be honest and declare everything is the best thing to do
  2. Specials interview Lancashire

    Hi read82 This is what I got sent about the interview prior to it for cambridgeshire special at the end of last year. Hope this is of some help. 3. Competency Based Interview The competency interview is a 45 minute interview where you will be asked questions which relate to previous experiences and how you have dealt with certain situations in the past. You will be allowed time to answer each question. Think carefully about the examples you provide and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what each competency area is looking for (see below). The interview will assess whether you understand the role of being a Special, the commitments required and your motivation for wanting to do it. So please ensure that you have undertaken sufficient research on the role, time and training commitments required, before attending interview. Please note that effective verbal communication and diversity understanding will be assessed throughout the interview. How to STRUCTURE your answer SITUATION: Describe WHAT happened, the environment YOU were in, how you knew the person, what the background was. Who was involved? TASK: What needed to be done to sort the problem out? What tasks needed to be completed? How was the task organised? Was there any consultation? ACTION: What YOU did to actually help the situation or ideally solve it? Remember this is what you did, not what someone else did. Why did you take that course of action? When did it take place? Where did the situation take place? What were the implications for others of your actions? What benefits were there? RESULT: What was the outcome, how was the situation left? What would have happened if you had not taken action? What did you learn from the task? What would you have done different? How did the situation make you feel? Don’t forget about your overall communication skills Verbal Communication • Can the interviewer understand what you are saying? • Can the interviewer hear what you are saying? • Do you avoid the use of jargon or slang? • Do you present the information in a concise manner? • Do your answers follow a logical order? Don’t forget that your body language is part of your communication skills Although you may not know the actual situations you are being asked about you can prepare yourself by having a thorough understanding of the competencies of the role which are being assessed in the interview. In the interview you will be asked 5 competency based questions and will be assessed on the answers you give. Types of questions to expect - • Give an example where you have stuck by a decision, despite everyone else disagreeing with you. • Give an example of when you have been presented with a problem which required you to make a sound decision? Final advice • When preparing for the Assessment Centre, if you plan an answer to a competency based question, don’t plan exactly what you are going to say as it may not answer the question on the day. • Have some rough ideas which can be adapted to any situation around that competency. • If you over-plan, there is a danger that you will not be flexible on the day, you will need to think of an answer to the specific question on the actual day.