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  1. December intake 2014

    My daughter was 2 weeks old when I joined the police. 18 weeks at Tulliallan, was hard going.
  2. December intake 2014

    Fartlek is great for cardio endurance and increasing fitness.
  3. Medical Query

    No they don't mate, my application is still under consideration as I only submitted it within the last two weeks. I can move it a fair bit but it's not great at the extremes. It's just a case of waiting til it heals properly, but I'm not sure how they'd be about that. I've no doubt I'd pass they're fitness test.
  4. Medical Query

    Hazards of work unfortunately.
  5. Medical Query

    Folks, wondering if anyone has had experience of this: I injured my shoulder a few days ago. Think it's going to take a few weeks to heal, any ideas how this might affect my medical?
  6. Regular applying for CNC

    You going for Torness? Are you an AFO?
  7. Regular applying for CNC

    No mate. What force are you with? You still waiting to hear back?
  8. Regular applying for CNC

    I'll pm you
  9. Regular applying for CNC

  10. Regular applying for CNC

    Well hopefully we'll be two of them:-)
  11. Regular applying for CNC

    Not that I'm aware of, but I'd be amazed if there aren't a good few. I think you have to live within an hour's drive / 40 miles of the site you work at, so that opens it up to a fair few.
  12. Regular applying for CNC

    Get your posts up Arthur, that's me past the post!
  13. For Sale: Tactical Rucksack (Black)

    There's a stroke of luck for the lad!
  14. "Dressing like a copper"

    I just wish they'd give us map pockets.
  15. Transfer to another force

    I think I've worked something like a dozen different shift patterns since I've been in the police.