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  1. SGT OSPRE 2015

    Does anyone know what date the revision topic list comes out? It says on COP site it will be out September but keep checking nearly every day for the updated one with no joy yet! I suppose at least I know I only need to check for another 8 days max! I have just been using the 2014 exam list so far.
  2. Promotion

    I felt it went the opposite way for me, it seemed like the impression I was giving was that I was too much of a manager rather than an operational officer. I think this is one of the reasons why I failed with 1 force in the interview. I made sure that when I got another regs interview I made it clear that although I had managerial responsibilities I was still focussed on the operational side too and that's where I wanted to be. Having said that there seemed to be a misconception that when I was a Special Superintendent I never left the office - this couldn't have been further from the truth so I had to make it blatantly obvious!
  3. SGT OSPRE 2015

    Excellent news - good luck with your revision :new_yummy:
  4. SGT OSPRE 2015

    Ah see I have since found out that I should be able to do it. I am going to start my revision now anyway, my Blackstones books have just arrived! And if I find out later that I can't then I will just have an extra year revising! I did think the same thing though about what would the rest of my shift say, I spoke to my sergeant about it and he is very supportive of me going for it, when I said that I am put off a bit by what people will say he said to me at the end of the day it's my career and who cares what others say - I cannot agree more!
  5. Earpiece Met

    In the force where I was a special you didn't have to wear an earpiece but in my current force (both Northern forces) you don't have a choice - you have to wear an earpiece.
  6. You know you're a Police Officer when...

    When I was in my 10 weeks it was a massive ice breaker when I put milk in the green tea for some of the shift - I'd never had it before so just assumed milk goes in all tea - it got a few laughs!
  7. Studying Roadcraft

    I think my Highway Code exam was harder than the road craft one, how I passed that I'll never know!
  8. Policing is the only job where...

    Or in a tone your friends think is hilarious "watch him, he's a copper"
  9. Policing is the only job where...

    Your friends say "would I get arrested if....."
  10. I lost 12,000 to join the regs, and although it's been a struggle I have never been happier and I know I've found my dream job. I'd be inclined to agree by saying give specials a go and see if you like it, but if you're already in the system for PC recruitment I wouldn't be pulling out. It took me 5 and a half years to get in.
  11. Special Constabulary Cars

    When I was a special I thought it was pretty essential but looking at it now, my opinion is that if vehicles were going to be donated or bought they should be part of a pool where response PC's get first dibs. Having said that, I know as a special I'd work events that would be miles away from the nick with 1000's of people there and no transport (even if you wrote on the board beforehand that you needed it!) so a mini bus or something would've been useful!
  12. Studying Roadcraft

    I read it all, and was glad I did, I think I got a question from every chapter. Before I started my blues course I was told that I definitely had to read chapter 1 before getting there. Then read the rest during the course. I read it all before getting there, it made getting the system of car control a lot easier practically!
  13. SGT OSPRE 2015

    I've just email COP this evening. I have just invested in the Blackstones books and have been doing sample exams online, I got 59% on first practice which I was happy with (considering I hadn't started revising then) The only thing is I will be out of my 2 years in Oct 2015, according to the COP website you can apply if you will be out of probation by Dec 1st of the year you're doing the exam (which I will) but then I read on another bit what appeared to infer that I can apply but have to be out of my probation before I take the exam - or at least that's the way I read it. Can anyone clarify this? My sergeant is very supportive of me going for it. I just hope I haven't wasted £70 on Blackstones books!
  14. I do miss being a special, particularly when there are events going on that I used to police. I miss having a team to manage and going to senior management meetings (I also miss the silver bit on the front of my hat a bit too haha!) BUT I wouldn't give up being a reg - it is the best job in the world. I can actually help fight crime by seeing cases all the way through, I can see the impact that my efforts have on victims of crime and I have a lot more job satisfaction now too. I am really lucky that I work with a fantastic team and morale is really high. The pay isn't as good as my previous job by a long shot but you can't put a price on being happy!
  15. Specials 2014 recruits

    Congratulations! I used to be part of the Cleveland Specials senior management team before becoming a PC - it's one of the best jobs I have ever done!