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  1. Current recruitment

    Just put in my regs application for attempt 2 of 2! No idea what to expect on timescales with the open recruitment but twiddling my thumbs! Anyone else in the same boat? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Boots boots boots

    Evening ladies and gents, Just curious, how are boots issued in Kent to PC's? Are there standard issue now (applied a few years ago and at the fitting they told me to keep my altbergs from my old Special constab - which have since gone awol ) If not is there some kind of boot allowance given or is it just use your first pay? Cheers, A
  3. In-House Senior Interview

    Hey Bongo, just over 2 years on and I'm filling out the application form again and found myself browsing the forum and stumbled on this thread How did you get on? Guessing if you got in you're out of probation now??
  4. North Division

    Hi all, not sure if this thread is still live but now in the process of applying for a reg job in Kent having been out of the game a few years! Hoping to be north Kent based as I'm from Gravo and know there and Rochester very well! Anyone know how Kent are with placing you near where you live? Also might seem like an odd question but one for either Gravesend or Medway officers, how big is the area covered? Just been curious for a little while as to what ground hub teams have got to cover
  5. In-House Senior Interview

    Fair enough cheers, I'm sure you did much better than you think! Did you put yourself forward for the December intake then?
  6. In-House Senior Interview

    Congrats on getting through guys, I made it as well out of interest did it say "due to the high number of successful applicants your application has been put on hold pending future interviews" or something similar? Not sure if this is saying I got through on the second group or something!