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  1. SC Recruitment 2014

    I am sure you will be fine!! Prep doesn't seem too hard, just need to make sure all the criteria gets hit. I read that the focus is "public service" so keep them in mind all the time I guess.
  2. SC Recruitment 2014

    Looking through it it shouldn't be too taxing (famous last words). Well compared to some I have seen anyway should be quite straight forward not a massive amount to prep for just need to remember the interview criteria. The advice I have been told is just be yourself! I am not sure how that would affect the application but I couldn't see it make a difference unless it causes an imparement to see. Best to check though!
  3. SC Recruitment 2014

    Hey Duaine, Congrats on the assessment, I am attending the Gloucester one on the Saturday so hopefully all will go well. Best of luck! Dan