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  1. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    Mel, No idea how anyone else faired I'm afraid? Thanks for the info Dan. H.
  2. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    Phew! Diolch chi Haha well the top mark is 260 but i'll take 220 for now lol. Well in the email from Farhana she says vetting will begin shortly so I presume it hasn't started yet? SEARCH is the regulars assessment centre, they got through a more challenging day than us I think. at the end of the Doc there's a time scale and we seem to be matching it near enough so far! H.
  3. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    Hey Mel, I only realised driving back that Mel would be short for Meleri (apologies in advance if I spelt it wrong!) Keep up the training Mel and I'm sure you'll pass, like the instructors said you were so close!! Do you know when you'll retry? I scored 223 on the PIR, bring on the vetting I say! Think the starting date for training and the like will be in October, we seem to be at the same pace as the regular recruits. They did their SEARCH assessment centre on the same day as us! H.
  4. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    2 weeks! I couldn't have waited that long I don't think ha! Great if the vetting is already done - I heard from colleagues in work who tried in the past that that was the hardest part! a big 'phew' if its already done!! Aber does get abit lively on the weekends! I think everything should go well on Monday!! - I will see you there, I'll roll up at 1:30pm on the dot probably out of breath from the run from the car park!! See you Monday! Haydn.
  5. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    I only got 1/2 days notice for the interview so there wasn't really much time to revise!! It took me by surprise as well - I applied in August last year!! It's never to late to join 41's the new 30 I'm told ha! 3.5 hours shouldn't be too bad! September for start of training sounds sensible! - so long as vetting goes well - I think it will be plain(ish) sailing after Monday too... I'll be at Aberystwyth, well that's the plan anyway.
  6. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    Hey Mel. Definitely will be good to put a face to the name. No, I haven't done any revision for any of it so far ha! thought I'd 'wing it' and see how it goes!! I'm fit(ish) sort of anyway so I should be fine...hopefully! I think the test is supposed to be somewhat simple? multiple choice and all that jazz. I winged the application form and the interview - so far so good I suppose! Do you know how the day will pan out? - PIRT first and fitness last you think? What d'you think the time scale will be until we're training?
  7. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    Hi BlackMountain - Name's Haydn btw! (BlackMountain would be an awesome codename just saying ha) Just me I know of. Mine are 1.30 too - guess I'll see you there!
  8. Specials intake 2015 Dyfed Powys Police

    Hi all. Anyone attending the Fitness Tests and PIRT on 20th July? I don't want to be there on my lonesome!! haha
  9. Application

    Hi, Thanks for this! Only applied this late because my birthday is at the end of July!! Shame I have missed the latest intake! Really looking forward to everything to come!
  10. Application

    Hi all, Hope this is the right page for this! Sent in my application to be Dyfed Powys Police special two weeks ago, what were all you waiting times for a response?