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  1. Specials 15'

    Providing everything goes well; welcome to Merseyside.
  2. I honestly don't understand why unfit/heavily overweight/obese officers should be allowed to serve.
  3. BBC: Met police 'dropping off gang members in rivals' territory'

    Since when did the Met start running public transport services?
  4. Mirror: Battered lone 999 cop gets chief apology

    Absolutely, madness.
  5. Gay applicants

    Great idea!
  6. New Public Order Vehicle 'PANGOLI'

    One would hope such times are limited.
  7. New Public Order Vehicle 'PANGOLI'

    Mixed opinions. You have to balance protection with and aggression.
  8. House/ flat share

    If you are 100% sure you'll transfer to the Met consider a buy to let. Have a property in Merseyside and rent/buy in London.
  9. House/ flat share

    Coming from a family of property developers; I cannot stress how beneficial it is to purchase a property.
  10. Special Recruitment Suspended.

    Of course, I signed up through twitter so my twitter profile has been replicated here; very silly of me. Thanks for the information, very helpful. NB- I have to wait until I have more approved posts to change my display name, sadly. Take care.
  11. Special Recruitment Suspended.

    Interesting, thanks for the info. Best wishes for your application. I have only just realised that the emoticon, in fact, represents 'yummy', my sincere apologies.
  12. Special Recruitment Suspended.

    Totally prospective. Thank you for your response, much appreciated! :new_yummy:
  13. Any ideas when the intake will resume once again? Thanks in advance. Josh
  14. RT @ASOS: It's been a whole year since @PrinceGeorge gave us the royal wave! #HappyBirthdayGeorge RT for the chance to win a £227 voucher #…