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  1. Sam's funeral took place this afternoon and was attended by senior officers of Greater Manchester Police, along with regular and Special Constabulary colleagues from across the force. The cortege was led by two mounted officers, while mourners lined the route to pay tribute to a life lost too soon. The church was completely filled, with officers standing in the lobby, and it was, I felt, a loving and well-considered service. Local media reported:
  2. The article, which has gone from the Evening Standard website, doesn't seem to mention anything about the radio except in the headline. It jumps from finding the suspect hiding, to getting him in cuffs. Surely the reason she was hailed a hero is in that entirely omitted time period. Just found it a little strange, but all respect to PC Henderson.
  3. This is the moment a woman is pushed to the ground by a policeman as officers arrest a teenager in Oldham...
  4. This is a particularly sad one for us in GMP, Sam was a Special, a call handler, and had recently been accepted to start as a student officer later in the year, all with GMP. Although I met her, I didn't know her personally, but I know others who did, and the shock waves have been felt throughout the police family. A minute's silence was held in Sam's honour at the Police Chaplains' conference, and our collective thoughts are with those closest to her.
  5. Police devastated by loss of special colleague Samantha Derbyshire in horror M61 motorway crash A Greater Manchester Police Special Constable with a bright future in the force was tragically killed in a horror motorway smash. SC Samantha Derbyshire was hit by a HGV on the M61 in the early hours of Monday morning after getting out of her car to check for damage following a collision with the central reservation. The 23-year-old from Bolton was sadly pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which took place at around 3.30am near junction 5 for Westhoughton. Tragically, she will never get the chance of living her dream of becoming a police officer, having passed entry tests. It is believed the Ford Fiesta SC Derbyshire was driving was stuck after hitting the barrier and couldn’t be moved.
  6. Radio 2 DJ moonlighting? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Deepest Condolences from all the staff

    While there is little that can be said to alleviate this tragedy for Sara's family, friends, colleagues and the wider police family, I would like to express my gratitude for her service; whether or not her work affected me personally, I understand and appreciate what Specials give to their community and society at large, and her contribution will not be forgotten. My thoughts at this time are with those closest to her.
  8. Specials training.

    Let us know when you get a chance, unless it's sensitive. I know about the change to uniform as mentioned, but I'm interested in what else.
  9. Specials training.

    Unless it's changed recently, it was weekend training, the intake is usually split into three groups and each group has their training on a different day. When I trained it was Sat, Sun, and the following Sat, meaning that if you couldn't make one of your days, you had a chance to catch up by joining one of the other group's days. As mine was Sun, I could do the day before or 6 days later, and if I was away for a weekend I would do Sat+Sun the following week to catch up. As for what you do, you'll have 10 law theory classes and interspersed will be some other training including statements and radios. You'll also be expected to complete a certain number of electronic learning packages and read from a textbook in your own time, and some of it will be assessed, with plenty of opportunity to get help and study at your own pace. At the end of your training you will undertake an intensive course in personal safety, for which most people need time off work. Training will culminate in a practical exercise in uniform, just before you are attested as a constable. Immediately thereafter, you will start working on duty within the division you are allocated. When you've passed all the necessary assessments and checks, you'll be given a date for a welcome evening and an induction weekend where you'll have all of this explained in more detail, and the opportunity to ask questions, however trivial, so you understand the procedure fully. You will not be given all of your uniform at the beginning of your training, you will not be given personal protective equipment such as cuffs and baton until you do your personal safety training, you will not have any police powers until attested at the end of your training, you will be expected to uphold reasonable standards of behaviour and appearance whilst on training, and there will be people who don't. Some people may 'disappear' during training, but for the most part you will make lasting friendships with fantastic people of all different ages and backgrounds, many of whom will go on to be excellent police officers. Best of luck!
  10. Search powers for tobacco

    And to think, I just wanted to cite the legislation for those who might find the thread! Looks like I've opened a can of worms
  11. PPE Pass or Fail

    Interesting discussion - our OST or PST as it is now was 9 days and some elements were pass/fail including another JRFT (Job Related Fitness Test - bleep test). One person failed that, and two people failed the individual scenario assessment. All re-did the next course and attested. CS exposure was done at the beginning of a day, outdoors, using a modified spray at a slightly lower concentration than issue canisters, emitting a conical spray rather than a jet, and we were given paper boiler suits and split into small groups to walk under the spray then give each other after-care. I believe we had about 90mins to 2 hours on this including recovery and changing. One person had no effect and one person had a reaction. It's still one of the most painful things I've experienced but at least I know what it is I'm deploying if I need to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Search powers for tobacco

    As this thread is found in search results and no-one has referenced the relevant legislation, it is S.7 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933:
  13. A useful bag?

    That's the bit that makes it make a little more sense. In GMP the sequence of training and development is theory training - PST - practical exercise - attestation - PDP - IPS - promotion eligibility. In this case, during theory training you're an appointed member of the force but are not a constable. Uniform is stored at the training centre except for trousers, shirt and fleece, which are worn on training days. Back to topic - I bought a large Nike holdall, which fit all my kit in before I was assigned a locker, as well as a tactical backpack and small holdall. I use a shoulder bag or simply a concertina-like plastic divider file with paperwork when on duty. I use the small holdall to take my boots and take-home uniform to the station for duties, and the tactical backpack if I need to parade on at another station and have to take vest and custodian with me.
  14. A useful bag?

    Interesting all this "bring your kit" policy. We had to fill in a form at the beginning of most (probably should have been all) training days that asked if you had enough uniform and PPE to be deployed if needed, and I simply answered "no", since we weren't issued with radios, baton or cuffs until the end of training, just before OST/PST, and aren't issued with CS at all (pool only). I'd be interested to know these exceptional circumstances and their legal or policy basis. Perhaps you could ask for something in writing so it's not just a verbal assurance.
  15. I heard October/November, and that it could be down to just three places. But what's certain is there'll be another intake.