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  1. Specials interview 2014

    When I have my interview it was based on the Sussex Police values. http://www.sussex.police.uk/policing-in-sussex/the-organisation/what-we-do/our-values
  2. Specials interview 2014

    Got a response the next day
  3. PDU

    Just got a call from HR. They couldn't get me on Sept course so have to wait for December
  4. PDU

    You must be on 2b. Yes I'll be going on the 20th... What the course box?
  5. PDU

    Yeah I really can't wait! Not long now..
  6. PDU

    I start law course in September - Wednesday and Friday every other week. Then initial training starting in December - every other Saturday and Sunday. Then attestation in march. It's all at Lewes so no residential like Slaugham.
  7. PDU

    Hey, Yea I start the pre join course in September. Im in course 2A. Then initial course in December. Yea everything has gone smoothly so far. Had my medical at the start of this month. Just hopefully pass all the vetting and checks. How about yourself?
  8. PDU

    I just bought a copy from ebay for £6. In mint condition. Could do with a good read on the train to work! Cheers
  9. Personal licences

    When I applied I had a personal licence, in fact I still have it. I put it down on the application form and HR said it was fine.
  10. PDU

    That's good - I would prefer response but happy doing anything really. I really want to put the work in and do as many hours as possible to get signed off and on different courses. It's seems so long until September start date but I'm sure it will fly round. How are you finding it as a reg? Are you based in Brighton or somewhere else?
  11. PDU

    Thanks guys, great info. What would I be mainly doing on PDU? Is it neighbourhood or response?
  12. PDU

    Hi guys, Starting training in sept. I have put down Brighton and Haywards Heath for my PDU once finished training. Has anyone got any info on what the areas are like and what they task specials to do in either areas and what's is Thanks
  13. Special Constabulary Hierarchy

    Sussex Police Only rank is special constable. SC (collar number) Must be one of the only forces with no rank structure.
  14. Specials interview 2014

    Cheers got an email today..I passed fitness test soon. What force are you going for?
  15. Specials interview 2014

    Hi Guys, I'm new on this forum so go easy.. :new_wave: Had my interview today at Lewes HQ. Hopefully i pass Anyone else attended interviews this week?