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  1. Warrant card for travel

    Just to clarify..a PCSO should NOT be responding to grade 1's and the only time the blue lights can be applied is if they are stationary e.g at a scene (if needed for some reason) PCSO's are not police officers, they are police staff, and only receive there basic driving ticket (drive from A to B, nothing else).
  2. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Well I received a phone call asking me to phone them back and they told me over the phone.
  3. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    The same month, probably about 1 or 2 weeks after. I don't think you can see my signature on TapaTalk, but this is my broad timeline: PC Application Submitted - August 2014 - PASSED, Assessment Centre - October 2014 - PASSED, Final Interview (1) - January 2015 - failed, Final Interview (2) - May 2015 - PASSED, Fitness Test - June 2015 - PASSED, Medical - June 2015 - PASSED, Vetting - June 2015 - PASSED, Start Date - AUGUST 2015
  4. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Starting in less than 2 weeks! Cannot wait. Anyone else on the same intake?
  5. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I was successful and heard after about a week and a half.
  6. August 2015 PC Intake

    Welcome! Yes training is at Hindlp, genuinely cannot wait! All that hard work and waiting has finally paid off, see you there!
  7. Issued Uniform & Driving Permissions

    Im still not convinced, there will be a time when you are going to have the "specials" and "us". It is a privilege to wear the police uniform and to bear a warrant card. Why should a PC have to undergo an interview and a tough assessment centre to achieve his/her life goals whilst on the other hand someone could walk almost straight in. I understand that the competency based interview doesn't make you a good police officer and some people could lie to tailor themselves to the competencies but it is still a way of "weeding" out the unsuitable. Of course, maybe I am being biased and I am not seeing the bigger picture as I am a special constable going in as a PC in a matter of weeks. Having had to do the assessment centre and then the almost year long process to join the regulars, I feel it is a little unfair and makes me wonder. What sort of people are going to come in? Sure, diversity..equal opportunity..etc etc but it is a POLICE FORCE, not a cadet scheme. Specials and PC are on par with what they have to deal with, I just don't want to see all of that hard work us specials have put in to get the same level of respect as a regular (where I come from anyway) Im not here to offend anyone and as I said, I may not be seeing the bigger picture but it is just how I feel about the situation.
  8. Issued Uniform & Driving Permissions

    If that is the case...that is absolutely mental and definitely a bad idea...unless they are putting something else in place.
  9. August 2015 PC Intake

    Many congratulations! Im not really aware of how many courses they are running for specials as I am in the PC intake along with a few others on here. You will thoroughly enjoy it and hopefully one day you will want to make it your full time career! All the best.
  10. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I didn't put anything in, they do all that when you hand the form in.
  11. August 2015 PC Intake

    Ignore that bit They fill it out.
  12. August 2015 PC Intake

    Thanks mate! Updated
  13. August 2015 PC Intake

    All confirmed! Cant wait!!
  14. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    My medical, fitness and vetting was all passed in June
  15. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Is anyone all signed off and on the end of August intake?