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  1. Jake I haven't had this fitness questionnaires at all and im due Saturday what email did you contact to get the link mate?
  2. The written, numerical and verbal last an hour so I can't imagine they expect war and peace knocked out, just relax we will be fine good luck everyone hope we all pass
  3. Does say on the ac paperwork that there's a written test mind, doesn't specify what type, also I still haven't had any request for ID etc so who knows
  4. I'd imagine the questions will be very similar to the competency questions surely, the 15 minutes sounds to me like recap time. They give you it at short notice to see how we react to pressure on short motoce
  5. It's exactly what I expected to be honest, Time to stimulate them with stories if being a doorman in the north east lol ..... It just got real
  6. Oh great at least I'm not the only one, I confirmed back on the 13th of March for Saturday the 29th I'm ringing tomorrow as I've never seen this pre fitness test thing either ?
  7. So they never replied to your confirmation either mate ?
  8. I'll be ringing up tomorrow asking where my questionnaire is lol, hope they confirmed my place ok I replied to email confirming my attendance
  9. I'm getting worried now I've been told nothing about this pre fitness questionnaire and I'm due there on Saturday ....
  10. Never had any reply or communication since I confirmed my attendance weeks ago
  11. Prefitness qs lol ... I can't even remember doing one
  12. I got a formal offer to go on Saturday about 3 weeks back, I confirmed my attendance and I never heard back anything like, but I certainly confirmed by replied to the email stating Ill be attending etc, good luck people
  13. Haha I'll be the north eastern lad who's just living in expectation of something going wrong good luck everyone
  14. Had newcastle but no openings there apparently so ive said I'll go anywhere, I'd prefer Yorkshire like Leeds or Doncaster, same to you mate hopefully we smash it!