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  1. Declaration to force?

    What they mean is any process/arrest/PND etc, a general stop is not expected to be reported
  2. Experiences at Hendon

    Response team is completely different from LPT, I would argue you learn the same amount of skills, they are just different. You will not get your driving after 4 weeks.
  3. What would YOU do?

    What offence would you arrest for?!
  4. What would YOU do?

  5. What would YOU do?

    You're out on patrol in a police vehicle, you see the driver ahead is constantly looking back at you in the rear view mirror paying close attention to you. You decide to stop him under RTA. Once stopped he refuses to give his details or produce any ID. What would you do?
  6. Just to clear this up; this is a hypothetical situation and I have not done this in the real world. This is just all make believe on this forum so please take things with a pinch of salt. If you could kindly point out where I have said I have done that. Exactly. I haven't.
  7. There's 3 response msc officers on my borough...
  8. Level 3 is a response driver. level 4 is basic
  9. It completely depends on case by case, if if your doing 31 in a 30 probably just a verbal, if your on blues doing 60 in a 30 you'll get stuck on/points on your police licence and normal licence/revoked from driving. Weigh it up, for example, I hear an emer button go off and I'm not far, progress will be made but you need to justify why. Luckily I *should* be on a response course soon
  10. I can understand MSC supervisors instructing and guiding junior MSC officers, but this guy took the biscuit. I'm sure he's on this forum somewhere, hopefully he doesn't feel bad about it and has just taken it as a very steep learning curve
  11. We had a special with a line under his number tell someone in our canteen to call him sarge. On his first day on our team. He was laughed at so hard he left the shift after about an hour and hasn't returned since. It was magical.
  12. OST/ELS question

    The job is what you make of it. Go out and get stuck in, you'll love it. The job itself isn't fucked, but the politics and cuts make it difficult. I'll always love the job.
  13. dangerous driving

    Not in my experience
  14. OST/ELS question

    I remember when I was. I remember when I was a naive young special