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  1. Feel free to join in and post updates on the progress
  2. The interview wasn't too bad aslong as you keep a cool head on ya. Stay with your rehearsed answers and not ones you come up with that morning whilst driving to the interview! (Which I done). Where is your interview to?
  3. Hi Tully. Yes I remember you. Yeah I applied again early this September but unfortunately they have changed the rules from the times that you can apply from your last conviction. Mine was 4 years ago and they have changed it to 5 years. So I now have to wait another 12 months..:-(! Very annoying as I got to the interview stage last time and was so close at passing that too! Have you re applied??
  4. Bad news from my end guys! I flustered around a couple of the questions which I knew I was doing at the time but had so much going on in my head. They advised me to re apply in 6 months time as I had all they were looking for but not expressed it all in my answers. Oh well. Haven't lost anything, just gained experience! Good luck for the other stages guys :-)
  5. Congratulations. How did you find it? I have my interview in a few hours, hoping all goes well. Had a sore throat this week and have managed to lose my voice....just typical! Not going to stop me and do my best though.
  6. Sorry Terrora just read you have your interview in April. Does anyone know if we need to bring anything with us to the interview? C.V?
  7. Thank you. Really need to start cracking on revising these competencies. Don't know where to start.
  8. I expect I will Arkhamcrazy. My interview is mid morning. I'm going suited and booted (any excuse to get to suit out). I know the competencies they will be asking but do we find out before hand what the actual questions will be? I really need to crack on revising and to look at examples.
  9. Good new, my application passed with a grade B. Have my interview on the 29th of march. Has anyone any tips and advice? Will be much appreciated :-)
  10. Hi guys. Back from Somerset, opened my letter with good news! Interview at Bodmin police station (not so local) on the 29th of march. Do we need to include the core competencies in our answers to the questions they ask us?
  11. Good to see you guys are progressing well in these stages of recruitment! I have just had my letter through with a date for a interview on the 29th. Any tips and advice? Will be much appreciated :-)