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  1. NPPF - Sgt exam, Study materials...

    I mean Amazon are pretty good, if you don't like them you can always return the books. How is it going so far?
  2. NPPF - Sgt exam, Study materials...

    Four volume set here for £69 on Amazon I believe it is safe to assume that these are pretty decent, college of policing recommend them for exams
  3. Why would you even want to? If you're that concerned about youths drinking, call 101.
  4. Cakes .. lots of cakes.
  5. Pre-Reading

    Didn't even know people needed books for training
  6. New Torch

    Don't need a torch but this deal was too good to avoid, thanks for posting this!
  7. Help with this one

    No it won't really be the case, ever, unless the person filming is doing something else which is causing distress. So if it's just based on somebody filming, this is not a public order matter.
  8. Help with this one

    Not to worry! Always remember, filming in public is not a crime!
  9. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Please consider transferring to another borough, I've been hearing ridiculous stories from other boroughs where their management is just absolutely appalling. If only specials took as much time reading laws/legislation as they did with 'met policy', we would have a much better special constabulary. I was on OST earlier this year (so not in uniform) and another special tried to tell me off for having a third party CS holder as it is not met issue, I never pull rank on officers - at the end of the day, we're all volunteers. I'm a firm believer of respect being a give and take thing. However, I was sure this is the kind of officer who was a bit too power hungry for the job and is definitely be the kind of special who would tell new officers off for 'not knowing stuff'. Words of advice were given to the fellow officer and that was the end of it. Really gets to me though as I'm certain situations like this happen with other officers who are fairly new or not that confident, which makes their experience a lot worse when they're giving up their time to do this job for free. Who on earth wants to be treated like **** for free, and the problem is, officers eventually end up not doing their hours or resigning and none of this gets fed back into management to target these 'bullies'.
  10. radio sign on

    Better off posting this to your specific force, different forces have different radios/procedures.
  11. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Bit late to this, but as an MSC supervisor - I am terribly sorry you have had to deal with this crap. I've read your comments and it does sound like utter crap, it's sad to see how many specials are on a power trip. Has anything come out of this? Have you tried speaking to your S/Insp about this, considering you might be joining the regs soon? I know it sucks but potentially look at transferring elsewhere? fairness at work complaint against this s/sgt if you feel/believe that he is continuously targeting you. I'm fully aware that met policy is there for a reason but a good majority of the met have third party cs holders.
  12. Help with this one

    Taking out your phone to film somebody does not cause harassment, alarm or distress. I don't really understand the issue with the parking ticket, but either way that is irrelevant. However, the 'parking attendant' called the police because somebody was filming him, not because he felt distressed.
  13. SC Ranks and Insignia

    This is rather interesting. Met Police have gotten rid of S/CI and DCO so you can bin both of those ranks!
  14. MSC - Day 1 Query

    Sounds harsh, but don't listen to what other people tell you. If the invitation letter stated you will be assessed on specific topics, be prepared for the topics they specified. Preparing yourself for random points that another PC (not even an SC who has actually been through the process) has told you will not carry any weight as an excuse if you do not pass the requirements. It is not as difficult as people think it is - preparation is key. Best of luck tomorrow though!