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  1. Starting Specials Training

    Well done!! You will love it
  2. Specials

    That's not so good. I worked alongside the btp a few weeks ago at an incident. They were a good bunch. Would you not try for police Scotland again?
  3. Specials

    Did you get any further in the process?
  4. Specials

    Hi MrEdinburgh, it's been a mad few months. Iv completed over 250hours and attended a range of calls. It's definitely opened my eyes to the lives that people choose to lead. How are you?
  5. Specials

    Any news ccr15?
  6. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    I'm "c" division, forth valley
  7. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    I was on the last specials intake, so if any one has any questions feel free to ask me. 😀
  8. dreaded beep test - advice / encouragement

    The majority of us struggled to keep the pace during the 5k. There were the odd few who managed it no problem, but they were distance runners. I had heard they were considering taking out the fitness sessions and adding in more practical scenarios.
  9. dreaded beep test - advice / encouragement

    I had my fitness about a year ago. Back then it was dependant on staffing numbers as to which test you had to do. They only do the bleep test now. One benefit of this is you can concentrate on practising for this only. When is your fitness test? And which area? I am in the east.
  10. dreaded beep test - advice / encouragement

    Hi all, Iv just became operational so only left the college at the start of May. I can't say much about the bleep test as I had the 1.5 mile run. I practiced for both though and was glad to get the run!! There was some people doing it at the same time who clearly hadn't done any training and stuck out big time. With regards to the college, there was 2 fitness sessions in the week. After the first h.i.i.t I thought it couldn't get any worse!! I was so wrong. After a day of being stuck in the class they took us out a 5k Forrest run at a quick pace and every time someone started walking the run was extended!!! And all right before dinner. Good luck to everyone on the process. It is all worth when you get out on the street. Any advice needed just fire away.
  11. March 2016 Intake

    Don't give up. It's worth it in the end!! Our oath ceremony is this Sunday. It's been a quick couple of months and at times tough but met some great people. What stage are you at now? Has vetting cleared?
  12. March 2016 Intake

    Fingers crossed you hear something soon mate.
  13. March 2016 Intake

    Have you heard anything about when you might start MrEdinburgh?
  14. March 2016 Intake

    It's high intensity interval training. Is actually okay. I hadn't done much running for a couple of months before I went and managed it okay. As did everyone. The Forrest run, well that was a different story!!
  15. March 2016 Intake

    The college is a brilliant place. You want think it when you first go but when you leave you will miss it as strange as it sounds. I live 10 minutes away from the college but was told I had to stay as it was in the "down" time that the senior officers would come and speak to us and there inputs would be invaluable. The p.e sessions were pretty good. One session we had 25 minute h.i.i.t. From the whistle you had to run for the full 25 minutes except when at your station doing press ups, squats, etc. Anyone seen not to be running would incur an extra minute for the whole group. The second session was a 40 minute Forrest run. It was a run not a jog!! As we were constantly reminded. The majority of the rooms are twins, except one section which are single. We were put in the single rooms as the probationers were in the rest. A single room is best especially when trying to iron kit and organise everything for the next day.