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  1. Should Specials carry tasers?

    Absolutely agree Tekkers. I am a regular and would very much like any additional training or courses which are available. I don't think it would be fair, or a good use of money to train someone who isn't there full time.
  2. You can only do a NIP fir certain traffic offences, of which I don't think the mobile phone is one
  3. "Special Warning"

    There are two types of special warning, they are put to a suspect at the end of an interview and have specific warning. So when it goes to court as PCGOODY rightly put it is for the court to draw an inference if the suspect does not provide an account. From memory they are around why the suspect has not provided a sufficient account around a) why they were at a location and b) why they had a specific object or mark on them Tend to be used by CID alot due to the crimes they handle, but can be used for volume crime as well.
  4. Understanding "when" and "now" caution

    Now caution also used when charging suspects for an offence
  5. I don't see an issue with sect 1 search at all. What about when you do an intimate search, that clearly doesn't take place in the street? In fact conducting the search in the office is giving her more dignity. However, given that security have seen her take the lipstick and tried to leave store you can also arrest then search sect 32. I can't see you getting criticism for either if I'm honest.
  6. Government Security Check Vetting

    What were the other reasons?
  7. Government Security Check Vetting

    I used to be SC vetted for my last job. They will contact all previous employers for reference etc. In saying that it's all case by case basis.
  8. There are certainly positive and negatives to consider. If it was available during the previous London riots it could of potentially prevented alot of officers from being injured. And prevented alot of damage for that matter as well. That being said, the riots don't happen every week (thank god) so they wouldn't be deployed very often. Therefore the maintenance and training etc etc make them an almost un viable option. They are better of just drawing on PSNI to use theirs if needed in the future.
  9. FTDE Meeting Results and Information

    Yeah fair enough, it's a good programme from what I hear! Just depends if management is for you. It's not for me I like being a PC
  10. FTDE Meeting Results and Information

    I would strongly recommend waiting for normal regular recruitment. The direct entry route is very difficult to be accepted, plus you will be expected to pass and become an inspector or very least sergeant. If you fail to do so I don't think you will be looked on very favourably, it's a long career and that would stick with you. Then in the future if you do want to be promoted you will have scuppered your chances dramatically. In short be patient recruitment will open, keep an eye on Northants we recruit quite regularly Further to that if you get accepted on a fast track programme then deliberately fail the ospre exams, that is a serious integrity issue.
  11. FTDE Meeting Results and Information

    Yes it will, you start as a PC then take the ospre exams to get promoted to sergeant then inspector. All takes place over a 3 year period. I have a friend who is doing it now, on his second year. Are you just looking at this to get in as a regular PC nothing else?
  12. That Old Chestnut - Arming Police.

    It's just the bureaucracy of it all, we should model ourselves on the Canadian police force. They know how to police! No, we don't need to all be armed but certainly helpful if more were. My force is 'regionalised' which means requesting firearms, dog or traffic is pretty much pot luck. This has led to plenty of assaults on officers, some quite bad. 1 broken thumb, 1 dislocated thumb and 1 broken eye socket and that was just my team, and in the last 2 months. Pretty much cause we didn't have firearms or taser that could of been deployed due to none being available or the ones that were miles away. I don't want a gun, but I want a taser and I want more officers
  13. Failing training?

    Just work hard and listen to what's being taught and you can't go far wrong. If you go into the training thinking you are going to fail it can only go one way. Relax they don't want you to fail trust me
  14. Policing is the only job where...

    Where missing people are never really "missing" Where you wave at every emergency services vehicle... on and off duty! Where there is never a "quick statement" I could go on
  15. Domestic Violence call

    PCGoody is right in everything he says,9 times outta 10 they just let you straight in though. But if a situation like this occurs alarm bells should be ringing for any officer worth their salt! I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving without asserting what has happened.