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  1. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Very well so far. Things are moving forward fairly fast and they've provided a timeline of when things will be completed.
  2. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Such a pain for everyone involved! I took the plunge in the end and transferred my application to Surrey.
  3. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Glad to see that some people are getting good news! I'm looking to transfer my SEARCH assessment results to Surrey Police given the backlog and uncertainty surrounding future West Mercia recruitment. Although I've passed everything my file also hasn't been signed off and given the number of training dates I don't think this will happen anytime soon.
  4. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    More conflicting answers: It's impossible to know what's going on really.
  5. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I've heard 'unofficially' that as we are in the process and just waiting there will be a little bit of leeway for our test results validity. However, this isn't given to anyone who is transferring. Thanks, do let me know if you get a reply saying anything different.
  6. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I've not heard anything concrete from HR recently. when I phoned a couple of weeks ago they did say anyone waiting to be signed off will be considered for all intakes going forward. The reason around 30 haven't been signed off yet is because they are concentrating on organising training dates. Having spoken to others they also said that there were approx 140 people in the recruitment pipeline at the start of the year with 40 being allocated to the April and June intakes. It has been a long old wait since December 2014!
  7. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    400 does seem like an extremely high number! Where did you hear that Jonno?
  8. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I just called HR and was told everything is back and they're just waiting for it to be signed off. Fingers crossed this will be soon!
  9. November 2015 PC Intake

    I haven't had any contact from vetting yet. However, I have previously been given CTC clearance meaning I might not have to do the online form, possibly.
  10. November 2015 PC Intake

    Blimey, that does not sound ideal! At least it is now sorted. Thanks for the tip, I have spoken to my previous manager and they said they've sent the reference back. I have asked recruitment to request a reference from my current employer as the last thing that is completed. I was just a bit concerned about the friction that might be caused by me potentially still working here for a number of months although they know I want to leave.
  11. November 2015 PC Intake

    Out of interest, how long did it take between completing your medical to receiving an official offer? I completed my medical two weeks ago and would really like to be on an intake this side of Christmas.
  12. Hi All, I was hoping someone would be able to clarify how West Mercia decides where you will be based? When I first applied the application documents stated that this could be 'anywhere within West Mercia or Warwickshire area'. In reality is this accurate? Or do they base their decision on where you are currently living? Any guidance would be much appreciated.