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  1. Police shake-up over missing person cases

    A common law power to use reasonable force to prevent someone from harming themselves or others. A common law duty of care that they act in the best interest of the young people in their care. I'm not stating they should be restraining children on every occasion they try and leave but I have attended a number of calls from the carers where they have let a child threatening to harm themselves in emotional distress just walk right on past them and out of the home. Surly you would agree that for the carer to use reasonable force to prevent them from leaving would be reasonable and necessary. Edit - spelling
  2. Police shake-up over missing person cases

    Considering that when these children abscond from the care homes there is nearly always a risk associated with it - how many times do they report them missing with a risk of harm to them selves. Your correct in saying as they are not legally detained there for example under them mental health act but that doesn't mean people can't restrain under common law if they believe the restraint is necessary and proportionate to the risks. What you do find is that the managers of these care homes make it policy that staff are not to restrain and should call police without thinking of the drain on resources. What it needs is senior officers to work with the managers to help formulate a clear, and efficient policy that clearly identifies staff's legal right to prevent people from leaving if they fear they are going to harm themselves.
  3. Powers Under S5 Mca

    Exactly right. As long as we act within the law then we will be supported. Even if that is doing nothing immediately but following the correct procedure. Even if it makes you uncomfortable.
  4. Powers Under S5 Mca

    No, the mental capacity act can only be used regarding medical treatment. Not Psychiatric treatment. If A was refusing to come out of the address and the owners didn't kick them out then the nurse would have to speak with an AMHP and an application for a section 135 warrant would have to be made. You would then have to return with the AMHP once the warrent was gained and force entry and remove A to a place of safety for assessment. There is a recent case of unlawful detention I think regarding the MET. A officer used the mental capacity act to detain someone and take them to a psychiatric hospital (no need for medical treatment for a physical problem). This was found to be unlawful as the situation did not allow for the application of the mental capacity act but should have used powers under the mental health act.
  5. Norwich man wins thousands of pounds after suing police PETER WALSH 20 November 2009 15:00 A Norwich man who was wrongfully locked up in a police station for almost 12 hours has won a “David and Goliath” battle for damages against two police forces. Roger Marriott, of Carrow Road, was arrested at York Railway Station for running away from a British Transport Police officer when he tried to randomly search him during a visit to the station in May 2007. Mr Marriott, who had been living in York at the time, was then taken to Fulford Road police station, where he was handed over to North Yorkshire Police, re-arrested and not released until after midnight on May 5 2007. He was ultimately charged with a public order offence, relating to his alleged behaviour at the station, and criminal damage, relating to his alleged tampering with a light fitting in his cell, but both charges were dropped. This week, Mr Marriott represented himself against the legal might of the two forces and a team of lawyers headed by top police law barrister, Toby Wynn. He won vindication - and £13,500 damages - when the civil court jury found both forces guilty of wrongful detention and false imprisonment, and British Transport Police guilty of malicious prosecution. But the case will set the two forces back much further, after High Court judge, Mrs Justice Swift, ordered that they meet the legal costs of the case, estimated at £50,000. Earlier this week, Mr Marriott, who was suffering from mental health problems at the time, told the jury about the psychological effect of his ordeal on him. Mr Marriott, who did not want to speak when contacted by the Evening News yesterday, admitted feeling “rather sceptical” about the randomness of the search and said he had tried to run away from the officer to avoid having to give his name. Contesting his claim, the police said that Mr Marriott was initially arrested on suspicion of the public order offence amid fears about his state of mind and his safety. He had sworn at the officer and behaved abnormally, failing to make verbal or eye contact with the officer, and had appeared to collapse when he was detained, the jury was told. But, after hearing the evidence, the jury returned their verdicts, finding that the police had not convinced them that Mr Marriott had sworn or was behaving abnormally at either the railway or police station. They awarded damages of £700 against the British Transport Police and £4,125 against the North Yorkshire force for wrongful detention and false imprisonment, £3,875 against the transport force for malicious prosecution of the public order offence, and £4,800 in "aggravated damages" against the North Yorkshire force. edited to add link.
  6. Policewoman turned escort jailed

    I didn't think it was illegal to work as an escort?? Was it the fact that she did this whilst working as a police officer that was illegal ??
  7. Police 'lied to get conviction'

    out of curiosity i read on another thread that conversations cannot be recorded without parties being aware, also what about the continuity of this evidence and the integrity of it, i can think of cases thrown out of court where continuity etc has been compromised will this tape stand up in court ??
  8. searching

    what did officers do prior to stop and search powers. Say you suspected someone had stolen items or drugs would you of had to arrest on suspicion of the offence then search once at custody?? Just crossed my mind.
  9. Club Assault

    i think my main concern would be my mate, check he's ok and not got any serious injuries like a cut artery for eg. Then when I'm sure he's all right speak to the bouncers who may have already got this guy. The last thing you want is to be glassed aswell. When the police arrive you'll be in a good position to do a statement provide a good description etc. If your picking your teeth up aswell then you won't be.
  10. Male in a female toilet or vice versa

    had an incident identical to this a few months ago. Approached by a lady who explained that there was a male in the females toilets. Upon entering the toilets with my partner we found a very drunk male sitting on a toilet with the door wide open. After a short chat and some persuasive words we helped the male up off the toilet and he left without any trouble. If he had refused then i would have had to think of my other options however i am sure his level of intoxication would have given me some choices.
  11. shocked!! it does make me wonder when there is going to be more understanding that if people didn't do things wrong and need to be restrained then they would never be in these situations. I think there needs to be far more support for police. Feel very sorry for the officer and hope his last few months are better.
  12. Group of youths run off

    when i first started if i saw a group of kids legging it i really wanted to chase them because i used to think someone runs from you = they have done something wrong. You will find that as it has been mentioned above people will run cause they want you to chase them, they have a laugh and look good infront of their friends and you get knackered for nothing. Like some others have said unless there was more to it i would think twice before leggin it. If the area is a local priority or has a high level of drug use or dealing then i might consider it. Save your breath you'll see them again.
  13. Pc checked force data for friend

    It's a shame that such a decent guy has lost his career for one silly mistake. stick to the rues and you should be OK. Ido feel that a very pro specials officer although he did make a grave error is a loss to a good force.!!
  14. A good sentance. Spence fired his shotgun at the officer damaging his patrol car A man has today, 6 February, been jailed for 23 years at the Old Bailey after admitting trying to kill a police officer. Kenny Spence had pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of the officer, along with possession of a firearm and GBH with intent in relation to a separate shooting incident following a joint operation between the Met and Essex police. The court heard that Spence had shot at Essex officer, Sgt Rob Huddleston at close range, shattering his car's windscreen. Sgt Huddleston was lucky to escape serious injury. Kenny Spence was on a spree of violence The shooting was the culmination of a spree of violence, carried out over two days in June 2008. The incident began when on 25 June when police were called to Queen's Hospital, Romford to reports that a male in his twenties had been admitted with a gun shot wound to the shoulder. Soon after, police received information that Kenny Spence was driving a BMW in the area, whilst in a distressed state and armed with a gun. Officers were deployed and the vehicle was found abandoned in Station Road, West Hordon, Essex. At 7:50am the following day, Essex Police received reports that a male was driving a Black Golf erratically in Epping High Street forcing cars out of his way. The driver's details were circulated via police radio. Essex Police sergeant Rob Huddleston was driving his police vehicle when he responded to the sighting of the Golf. He drove into Pyrles Lane, Loughton and used his blue lights and sirens to stop the car. Spence stopped his vehicle, got out of the car and approached the officer. He then pointed a shotgun towards the officer discharging one shot which shattered the windscreen. Spence then got back into his vehicle and drove off with police in pursuit. At 8:00am the Met were alerted by Essex Police to a black VW Golf heading into the area. Armed response vehicles, assisted by the police helicopter, pursued the vehicle, eventually stopping it in Rainham Road near the junction with Laburnum Avenue in Hornchurch shortly before 9:30am Spence was arrested in connection with the incident and subsequently charged. Spence was also charged with possession of a firearm and GBH with intent in connection with the non-fatal shooting of the man in Romford on 25 June. Detective Superintendent Kevin Davis of the Met Police [Trident] said: "This investigation was brought to a successful conclusion as a result of excellent joint working between Trident officers and officers from Essex Police. "Prior to his arrest, Kenny Spence had engaged in a prolonged episode of violence culminating in the attempted murder of an unarmed police officer. "I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism and dedication of those officers engaged in all aspects of the enquiry, and thank the numerous members of the public who provided information and evidence. "Today's sentence reflects the gravity of the charges brought by the prosecution." Senior investigating officer, Det Supt Tim Wills, of Essex Police said: "I am pleased Kenny Spence has been put behind bars so that he will not be a danger to anyone for a significant period of time. "Police officers should be safe to go about their role in protecting the public and should not be at risk of being attacked by the very people they serve. "Spence committed a number of serious offences, which could have had very grave consequences. "Sgt Huddleston thankfully was not seriously injured and is a credit to the force in the way that he recovered from his ordeal and swiftly returned to frontline duties. He is a credit to the Police service, and someone who the community he serves can be rightly proud of."
  15. Just wondering if someone refuses to sign a 27 notice to leave does it mean it is invalid or can it still be issued?? Had a incident where i thought someone might not sign it once ( they did in the end).