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  1. Searching a shoplifter in a security office

    The s.1 search is not lawful in a security office
  2. How many white shirt forces are still left?

    The Met hybrid shirts are horrible and I have given up wearing them
  3. Forensic Samples

    As you mentioned all the kits come with detailed step by step instructions, I have always found them easy to follow, you will be fine. If you are really worried just get a few kits from stores and practice.
  4. OSPRE Sgts exam question

    All results out now.... I passed with an 'exceptional'
  5. Stop & Search - walking away

    The case of R v Bristol [2007] set out the bare minimum info you must give before making a statutory request (eg: going hands on), this is (as set out in s.2 of PACE 1984): the constable’s name and the name of the police station to which he is attached; the object of the proposed search; and the constable’s grounds for proposing to make it. If you fail to comply with giving this information, you are unlikely to succeed with a charge of obstruction and if you are assaulted then it will not be in the execution of your duty. My advice is, get in to the habit of always introducing yourself to people eg: "Hello PC Smith from Paddington Police Station" then you have already covered half of the criteria, if you feel the need to go hands on then make sure that you get the rest out as you do so eg "you are detained for a drugs search I can smell cannabis on you and you're acting nervous" - once the suspect is safely detained you can then take the time to go through the entire GOWISLEY in full detail and elaborate on the grounds further if need be. Don't forget that there is a specific offence of obstructing a drug search which is more serious than the lower summary only obstruct police, this more serious offence is triable either way and therefore opens up more powers! Some info from R v BRISTOL which makes interesting reading: Lord Justice Sedley observed: “It is plain from the mandatory words ‘the constable shall not commence the search until he has performed that duty’ that any search initiated without prior compliance with the duties of disclosure and information- giving set out in s 2 of PACE is an unlawful search. If so, no officer who is assaulted in conducting it is assaulted in the execution of his duty.” Mr Justice Collins remarked: “Parliament has recognised that a search of a person is a serious interference with his liberty, and all proper safeguards must be followed…It is not for the court to disapply the duties set out in the Act, but only to decide whether, in a given set of circumstances, the officers have taken all reasonable steps to do what Parliament required them to do.” In answer to the OP - Yes it can be an offence, however only if the aspects of the law detailed above are followed closely. Cheers, MN.
  6. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    I use a cut up piece of weapons tube for this purpose all the time, people tend to be very grateful that we have not smashed their door in when there is no need to
  7. OSPRE Sgts exam question

    Ha, yeah it turned out you could... Results up to 8 weeks! (outrageous as they are marked by a machine)
  8. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    I can see why you would want to do this, however original notes should be 'original'. Don't worry about things not being neat or in the correct order, they are your notes and as long as you can make sense of them is all that matters, no one expects original notes to be a work of art. Cheers
  9. OSPRE Sgts exam question

    Hello, Can anybody who has taken the exam in recent years confirm for me, are you allowed to make notes on the question paper (eg: highlight important points such as 'indictable', which of the following is 'correct'...)? Cheers. Good luck to anyone else taking the exam on Tuesday! MN.
  10. s54 search

    Slightly concerned at the "(rare i know)" bit, everybody gets searched immediatley after arrest using s.32 PACE, it's all about writing it up properly. Implements to assist escape can cover lots of items, for example even mobile phones. When it comes to 'danger to themselves', this includes anyone who is drunk or has taken drugs as obviously they can be un predictable, anyone with history or intention to self harm is also a danger to themselves. s.54 is the power to search in custody once detention is authorised. s.32 is for any place OTHER THAN A POLICE STATION, so watch out for front counter arrests!
  11. CPR

    Don't rely on the flimsy pocket mast carried in most belt kits, my colleague used this and it didn't stop the casualties vomit coming through and in to his mouth, he then had to endure testing for HIV and the emergency medication that you get placed on... If you can source a larger mask as found in most vehicle first aid kits this is much safer.
  12. Should London Metropolitan Police be Armed?

    What is your source for this?
  13. Should London Metropolitan Police be Armed?

    IMO Boroughs should have an armed capability but not routinely armed, I am a response team officer and I do not wish to carry firearms, taser is enough for me and even then I am not confident that I will be supported if I use it and something goes wrong... Given the way the MPS treats AFOs during post incident procedures / investigations I would never carry a gun for this organization.
  14. Crime Investigation Books

    QA - Harrow, issue their officers a book for reporting Robbery / Burglary / Violent crime, it looks just like a 124D until closer inspection and has some other bespoke pages, the most helpful one being the burglary statement which is then pocket size... That said I think a lot of the pages will not be used and a lot of paper must be wasted. I'd rather use my pocket book for reporting offences.
  15. Contemp Interview help

    Given the requirement to interview on tape for either way offences would it no longer be possible to summons a shop lifter on the spot without inviting them to attend the station for a voluntary interview?