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  1. BBC: New Year Honours 2018: Praise for stars on list

    Eamonn Holmes. Good grief.
  2. MSC and the New Policing Model

    Is that genuinely part of a written down and approved business model?
  3. BBC.Drivers 'should have compulsory eye tests'

    I think everyone should have an eye test before their driving test, and retests of both every ten years.
  4. BBC: Borrow more to boost building, says Sajid Javid

    How much home does one get for £80k ?
  5. "High profile job"? Perhaps I define such things differently to the Evening Standard.
  6. first aid training

    There's a common standard which can be found in the NCALT portal. It should be the same for all front line officers. Custody and other specialist teams have different needs and therefore different packages that reflect that.
  7. BBC.Thousands of UK motorists can drive with over 12 points

    I'm sure they pump this 'story' out annually.
  8. What a non story. That's not CoLP specific by a long chalk!
  9. Passport photos

    Yep. Done it loads.
  10. Police pension question (Met)

    You can def opt out if you want. Can't answer the rest though.
  11. vehicle asb driver not identified

    Only the quote about driving like an idiot might be hearsay. The RK had first hand knowledge of his mechanic being the driver. The police officer had direct knowledge of the bad driving as he'd witnessed it.