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  1. Relationship Status

    Now taken...
  2. Missing pet search team!

  3. Should British Police receive a firearm?

    You can't completely discount the more rural areas. Everybody and their mums are packin' round 'ere...
  4. Boots, Boots, Boots

    Our force policy is issued Altberg steelies at all times.
  5. The Forum General Chat Thread

    Greetings from the sunny Algarve!
  6. The watch that countdowns your death...

    If I have one of these and it says I have 60 years left I reckon I could get away with jumping off a cliff... That's how it works, right?
  7. Specials October 5th Intake

    ^What he said^
  8. Italian Police Lollipops

    It means that if he goes to court they don't have to employ the services of a barista. Sorry.
  9. Does anyone carry Bite Back spray?

    MP, it's in every vehicle in East now. Have you got it over there?
  10. BBC.Police use CS spray on Lomond View pupils with weapons

    Sadly there will be someone, somewhere, saying just that. Good on the officers.
  11. Using your radio on a petrol forecourt

    Just on Burnie's point, you can actually use your mobile phone in-flight with Etihad (and no doubt others). I can't remember if it was prohibited during takeoff and landing though.
  12. Hiring a field for a stag do

    Don't know why I didn't see this before. I've used the Private Camping Company before and can also recommend them. Toby is a decent guy!
  13. The Forum General Chat Thread

    You're kidding!
  14. PC Recruitment?

    As the Burnley East van they all fall under my area. Varied isn't the word!
  15. PC Recruitment?

    If you're starting in April you may see me in September/October if you end up at Burnley.