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  1. Dutysheet app

    Great to see that @DutySheet now have a mobile app. I used to use DutySheet as a special and it was very easy to navigate around and complete PDP's etc.
  2. distant family with convictions

    I think it's hard for anybody to say other than the vetting department. Like always you should be open and honest and declare it if asked or if you think it's appropriate.
  3. PCSO and Special

    As above. It would be a conflict of interest as both roles hold different powers and they would be likely to interfere with each other.
  4. What would YOU do?

    If a second offence is committed then it would still be appropriate to arrest for both offences.
  5. Warrant Card Holder - What Do You Have In Yours?

    Be careful putting more than a couple of cards under the clear plastic cover, I used to put all my cards in there until it ripped. I don't have anything else in there now apart from my trakka card and my warrant card.
  6. First duty tonight - tips

    Great news that you managed to get your first arrest on your second day. We have a blogs section on our flagship forum - we would love to hear more.
  7. Do Specials get to interview

    Merseyside offer PEACE training to specials, so yes.
  8. Brawl In The Family

    This is now locked as it has gone horrendously off topic.
  9. offensive weapon or not

  10. Google Authenticator - Your Security

    I believe this may just be a problem on your account. As stated in the other thread if you respond to the ticket we should be able to rectify the problem.
  11. Trouble Logging Into the Forum

    I will look into this now - apologies for the long delay. @BobCat a support ticket was raised on your behalf on 15th January 2017 but you did not answer to it and as such the ticket was closed. I have reopened the ticket which was sent to the email we have listed on your account. If you need more assistance please feel free to private message me.
  12. Cheshire Constabulary Specials

    Hi @junior_7178, I can't help massively I'm afraid but what I will say is over on Police Community we have a recruitment status page. If you click the link below it may give you an idea of how often recruitment for specials opens as it will leave a comment in the area saying when it has opened / proposes to open etc. It is very unfortunate that BTP are only running courses during the week. Especially as the vast majority of prospective specials will be working in full time employment like yourself. To find out more about the course I would recommend ringing the shared service recruitment team. My advice would be to go for it because it will familiarise yourself with the process. I've also moved this to the Cheshire area for you and hopefully someone with some local knowledge can help you out.
  13. Potter's Police Videos

    I think the Sergeant in your video here sums it up quite well. Note how the Sgt is concerned for your safety.
  14. Quick and Easy Food

    I always go for cous cous and chicken as a quick and easy meal. I do find that if you let yourself get very hungry then it's easy to start binging on junk food. During the week I usually try to prepare my meals for work which will generally consist of Chicken / Sweet Potato / Veg. As @MaggotPig said frozen veg is always a winner because it doesn't go off and it's easy to cook.
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