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  1. SP Services Magnum Sale

    SP SERVICES are holding a sale for MAGNUMS on there Facebook page. Starts 10 AM SHARP!!! Look at Sp Services UK on Facebook for more info.
  2. Belt First Aid Kits

    I have always know it as a Clinical Waste Bag.
  3. St John Ambulance

    I may indeed get some now. Thanks, that'll teach the thieving ambulance staff lol.
  4. St John Ambulance

    Thanks Deek. Have you ordered from this company before? Any reviews?
  5. St John Ambulance

    I keep my tuffcuts on my belt because when the ambos turn up thats the only way they dont nick them. It has happened when their ones are *cough* blunt on a few occasions.
  6. St John Ambulance

    We can have 3. Most carry TuffCut pouch (also with a pen and pen torch) a radio and a glove pouch.
  7. Belt First Aid Kits

    I too have an olympic kit and several other bags too. Thanks Corbs. My unit are not much help lol. Ill speak to my supplies officer next time I see him.
  8. Belt First Aid Kits

    Thanks I99 and others. Didn't mean to cause bother. Also, I'm a while away from a hosp so thats why I carry one on me and I thought what the police carry is what is going to be the main items to include.
  9. Belt First Aid Kits

    Sorry, misleading post. Its not for use with my VAS. Its for everyday use. I didn't mean for any confusion to be caused.
  10. Belt First Aid Kits

    What is in your belt First Aid Kits and what brands do you recommend. Im in a VAS and I need a small belt one when I can use when I cant carry my bag.
  11. Whistle

    Acme sell Tunic chains as well for 4 97 I think. Thanks for your input guys
  12. Whistle

    I am looking to buy a whistle for a retired PC (WPC in the time she served) for Christmas. Anyone know any good places to get one?