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  1. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Well done for getting in the Regs, make sure you write the bully Sgt and the Inspector up for their behaviour in this little squabble. As for the numbers £4 is expensive for 1 number/letter, there must be a tray of 2000+ in my old office so across the Met there must be millions Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. L3 Driving Ban to be lifted...?

    There are lots of different codes for driving authority, I had ones for unmarked vehicles and blue lights, 4x4, towing, carrier, the list goes on. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Does this despot know you are going for regs soon?, if so he might be trying to spoil your chances. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Quite!, and don't forget the Met had specially made (at what cost) wicking shirts with collars so that we could retain our antiquated ties.
  5. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    I used to love my L2 sliders even when I had dumped my ticket. Before you go into this meeting have a good look around this upstarts kit belt to see if he's got any none issued kit on it, such as a CS holder or cuffs holder, then point these out to him and also ask him to show you in the regulations where it says you can't wear an official piece of uniform, and specifically the number sliders. I'd be surprised if there is anything in regs to cover it. Good luck and stay calm during the meeting and take someone with you.
  6. SC RPU Officers

    Yea, wake them gently from their kip in the motorway services.
  7. Greys help required...

    Warwickshire or Essex ?, probably spelt as Grays in Essex.
  8. Torch

    My little Led Lenser P7 is still going strong after about 5 years, and runs off AAA which are very cheap.
  9. Obstructing emergency services

    We don't have powers of arrest anymore, that's why we have IDCOPPLAN,
  10. Obstructing emergency services

    The O of IDCOPPLAN would cover this.
  11. "Special friendly" boroughs?

    You're always going to get that reaction from some officers no matter how good the special is.
  12. Green Lights on a tractor

    Rein it in and trot on.
  13. "Special friendly" boroughs?

    The problem with the met boroughs is that they lost the MSC Sgts Liaison job about 3 years ago, so there was no one organising operations and phoning people up to get them in on jobs.
  14. Green Lights on a tractor

    Stop horsing around you two.
  15. Green Lights on a tractor