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    I'm a full time student, currently doing my Foundation Degree in police powers.

    Becoming a police officer within Greater Manchester Police has been something that I have wanted to do since running round as a child with my dress-up uniform.

    Although I know that it's not all about running about unfortunately, criminal best wish its not anyway. I usually go running locally with a weight vest on for plenty of practice. :D

    With myself being a student joining the Specials is a great way to have an insight as to what to expect as a regular.

    LGBT Officer. ;)

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    Greater Manchester Police

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  1. Choosing where you police

    Hi Jre, When I joined last year I was allocated the Q Division which wasn't my first, second or third option. Ha! However I've really come to like the division and everyone is pretty relaxed. I'd suggest doing a couple of shirts and seeing how you like it, or wait until you have finished training and then speak to your supervisor about changing. Unless you really don't want to go to the A Division, then submit a 733 form to the training school. Hope you sort it pal. Ryan.
  2. Medical..

    RPN says: So Doc how do you want me? *Pulling his pants down*
  3. Thank you for the extra information. As you know I will be in attendance. I'll be taking the little brother as an excuse for me to get on board some of the emergency vehicles. It's been years since I've been to one, the last one was at Blackley Fire Station a good 5 years ago if not more.
  4. October Intake

    RPN - Sorry to hear about August intake being full, on the positive side you'll get to be on my intake. Once Medical and vetting is passed. I have been given conditional offer for the October intake, so drop me a private message to chat abit more about intake. :D
  5. GMP Specials Night

    When you turn up on the night you will be ticked off the Guest list. If your partners name is not down or he isn't GMP Staff then he will be asked either to wait in the Gate House or vehicle, taking into account that the Information Evening is usually 1.5 hrs if not more. ID isn't needed for the Information Evening, just yourself and as "Special_Lady" said a pen and notepad to take notes. Good luck with your application. :D
  6. Congratulations :) the rest of the process will fly by.

  7. So Information Evening attended 14th February 2013 since this I have been successful at the Application and the Assessment Centre, I now have my Fitness Test Wednesday 5th June 2013. Excited much!