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  1. PC/ DC transferees

    I know they did take on transferee,s earlier this year, may be worth getting in touch directly.
  2. Its going to be open for the next three years for around 600 cops
  3. Possible future PC recruitment?

    yep 600 over the next three years
  4. Possible future PC recruitment?

    Yes, Recruitment opens tomorrow. good luck all.
  5. Return of the ranks?

    I've heard similar whispers, Scott seems keen on the idea
  6. MOD COPs , Whats it like?

    Should probably clarify this, I am aware of the basic role of the force but i am hoping to hear what officers do day to day. I have done a lot of research into this but I'm struggling to find anything more than counter terrorism patrols and gate stag for new officers.
  7. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me, I'm currently a serving special with norpol and I am trying to decide between going for the regulars or transferring my assessment centre score to the MOD police. Would any one be able to give me an idea of what you actually do in the MOD police day to day and how you are finding the job. would be really grateful for any help. if you'd rather not send it on the open forum please drop me a message.
  8. Challenged by a colleague in public?

    As most others have said, your voice is your best form of defence, a firm "leave go" "get back" and normally people will do what they are told. PCSO's in my force aren't scared to get hands on when they need to, from my experience anyway.
  9. Next steps

    Where about in Northumberland are you wanting to go, it's a big area with lots of different styles of policing. Therefore what you can get up to on a daily basis changes. I've just gone thru my search training along with a lot of other specials so there are a lot of Opportunities for specials in northumbria. Good luck and enjoy it. Sever need any help or advice just send me a message
  10. Your First Arrest as a Special

    First shift for theft, went to prison for 10 weeks had to wait 4 months for my next, breach of bail + possession class A and another 2 months for my 3rd common assault. First one was handed on a plate the rest I had to fight for.
  11. Quick question regarding being charged at the station

    Im sure one of the admins will say the same thing generic rule for this site is that we don't give legal advice. However a charge is a charge whether the courts find you guilty or not.
  12. Special to Regular

    As other people have said don't expect to be gifted a job just because you are a special. Im a special and I'm still having to go through the same recruitment process as any external applicant. I Know the requirement in my force is to have completed initial training and have a minimum of 200 hours over a one year period. the Neighbouring force however expects specials to have completed two years with a minimum off 200 duty hours per year.
  13. Recruitment Process

    I'm actually half way through the recruitment process (had my assessment centre last week). They are only accepting roughly 200 applicants at a time so once we are through they will start to look at the next 200 applications. it is set to be a rolling process for the next two years with the view to recruiting 250 new officers by the end of 2016. I have a few friends on the waiting list. hope this helps.
  14. "Overtime thief"

    I've been a special with northumbria since July and I've actually been thanked by a Sgt for coming on shift when they were short staffed and asked to come back. I had a comment from one regular who said that he often forgets I'm a special and just treats me as he would any other cop. As long as you're happy to get stuck in and take your fair share of the griefy jobs then people will give you a chance.
  15. Common offences as a special

    My force is ***** hot on Theft, Burglary, burglary OTD, public order act and stop search. Also strongly recommend looking into section 136 of the MH act you'll use it a lot more than you expect.