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  1. I wonder why they didn't advertise it? I only noticed the link whilst I was creeping the BTP website Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've just put an application in for BTP Speculative Talent Pool applications C-Division. Submitted it last Thursday, deadline was Friday, and yesterday lunchtime I received an email telling me I'd been shortlisted. Very efficient work from their recruitment team, either that or they didn't check them properly!! Has anyone else gone for it? Assessment centre/interviews are planned for end of 2016/beginning of 2017. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Salford Specials

    Yeah I'm F-div too, Pendleton INPT primarily. It's an interesting division and you will be kept busy!
  4. PCSO recruitment

    It's not on the internal or external recruitment website :/
  5. PCSO recruitment

    When is this starting?
  6. Training: Law Days

    Inaccurate, I attest in June and I will be doing 2 law days within about 10 days after I attest, however I will be self-studying those 2 law days prior to OST and attestation.
  7. Are you talking about the current crop of GMP Special trainees here?
  8. Deffo, think I've spotted at least half a dozen on my intake who won't last
  9. Does anyone know if the recruitment standards are lower for the Specials compared to the Regs? I only ask because I look around at some of my fellow Specials and wonder how they made it in with their lackadaisical attitude to what is an incredibly responsible role.
  10. I don't think Bolton had any vacancies anyway, when I was asked about a month ago there was only about 6 divisions that they said they had vacancies on, Salford, South Manc, Trafford, Tameside, Stockport and I think also Oldham. I wanted Bury but didn't get it
  11. January Intake

    For some reason it's edited out the numbers
  12. January Intake

    I've got mine on the 14th Jan You need to ring them, it says on the offer letter near the bottom. "You will be required to ring **** or **** and book yourself in for a body armour fitting. You should complete the attached ‘Uniform Measurement Form’ prior to your body armour appointment and bring it with you on the day so that you can be issued with both your armour and your uniform. The Clothing Stores are located at our Openshaw Complex and a map is attached for your convenience. Please take this letter with you when you attend for your fitting."
  13. January Intake

    And eggy cheese on toast *nom*
  14. January Intake

    Yeah mines all done, but I've been due to start since August (long story)
  15. January Intake

    Yeah I'll be there on 15th January