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  1. Pension for Specials?

    Apologies for being blunt and too the point but - no, there isn't. I'm sure you're aware of how a pension works, and being a Special you will not financially contribute to a pension so therefore you wouldn't get a pension payout when you do come to retire.
  2. The Job Video

    Was meandering around on YouTube and found this video and thought I'd share for general interest. And of course your comments are always welcome
  3. Assessment Scores- Met Day 1

    That's what I thought. It wouldn't be because we passed would it?
  4. Who Are They? What Branch?

    It sounds like your local force marine unit, or something similar. Essex marine unit did look like that... before they were disbanded.
  5. Assessment Scores- Met Day 1

    Ditto that, will await an answer to be posted.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Amusing jobs

    Don't quite think that could have been easier if you tried. I was told by my mentor once, how he was patrolling around and a teenage girl walked up to him and said "Your looking for me" He replied "Excuse me?" "Yeah my name is............. and I've been reported missing." Checks name with Control Room, confirmed missing. :new_doh2:
  8. Waltham Forest Borough

    Is the offer for info still open?
  9. They apologise and say what their outcome was (caution/charge/nfa etc). Say how it would be their first and last time of getting into trouble with the law.
  10. Equipment carried in vehicles

    I must say, as far as I have experience all the vehicles I have been in have been fairly well equipped. Standard Kit List (including normal patrol cars, response and traffic cars) 8 traffic cones, 2 police signs, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Broom, Police tape, Early evidence kit (used for sexual offences), 2/3 flashing blue beacons. As a side note - do officers not carry limb restraints as part of their PPE, as people have listed them as car equipment? Or is that as an extra set in the car/vehicle?
  11. You arrested two lads for theft, very compliant, first time offenders. Next day, your off duty in civis walking around town, when you spot these two males and they approach you. What do you do? Or if its happened what did you do? (Apologies its a bit random, thought of it and wondered what people would do?)
  12. Essex approves the issuing of TAC vests.

    All credits gratefully received.
  13. No Seat Belt

    Okay thanks. So if you do stop someone they claim they have an exemption, you issue a HORT/1, but they don't they are just saying it to get out of a ticket, what happens after they don't produce the document after 7 days?
  14. No Seat Belt

    Would/could something like this be put onto PNC, either under the vehicle or driver?
  15. Depending where you were, type of road, etc you could stop the vehicle and have a chat with the driver or issue a ticket/NDORS.