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  1. Gateway Exam

    Hey all, my gateway exam is coming up and I'm like looking forward to passing it to move onto foundation just a quick question, what is the easiest way to learn all the acts, like I remember what they mean to an extent, but if you were to ask me what section 28(b) of the crime and disorder act I would have to think about it for a longer time compared to others in my cohort. (Btw, I know it is motivated with regards to racially and religiously aggravated offences). Any help would be grateful. Evidently I will be going through all the workbooks again etc, just want to reach that 60% pass mark!!
  2. Gateway - March 2017

    Is anyone going to be at the introduction evening on the 20th of March for gateway?
  3. Hi all, I have a Audio checking test on Thursday and I am trying to find some online reading or a free online test to practice myself regarding this test. However, google is giving me all wrong results. Just wondering if someone here has a great link for this type of psychometric test? Cheers,
  4. Questions regarding the SC Process

    thank you for the reply. I highly appreciate it. many thanks,
  5. Hi all, I am going to attempt to join the specials process again I just wondered if someone could explain the STAR acronym in more detail? I cannot seem to find the answer on Google, all I seem to get is pages about American Police stars. And any advice for the application and assessment day - if allowed? Thanks,
  6. Hampshire Alert

    I saw this too, I signed up and my confirmation email was found in my spam section, check there
  7. I appreciate all the comments people have given me, however no one has actually answered the initial question; How many times can one fail? .. (Hampshire police only) ---- As stated above, the written exam. Thanks for the kind words Thank you for the kind words and well done on your years of service Thank you I do not wish to declare what disability it is, thats why My written english is fine when I am using a computer, writing essays and whatnot, however under pressure makes my english go a bit crazy and rambojambo and my handwriting.. my my, haha! Thanks for the information And I have an english tutor already in place.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Indeed I do 'get the hint' - I believe that joining the police as a special just isn't my time yet - as I am a strong believer in always pursuing your dreams, so I wont give up that easy. I am fine for the interview and Judgement test - the thing that fails me (all three times) is the written exam, which is down to my disability. - which is why I am going to take some extra English lessons in written styles and whatnot to improve it With regards to volunteering - I already am volunteering with the police under a different role so at least I have my foot in the door so to speak.
  9. Good day, Just a question - how many times can a person fail the specials assessment centre?.. till hampshire pretty much say 'no more' and having to wait a few years for the somewhat ban to retry to be lifted? (<this is my guessing) I recently found out I didn't achieve the score required to progress onto the fitness test & I am fully aware that there probably wont be another requirement stage for some time... (yay for budget cuts!) so I am just wondering to either try again in the future or just leave it this time.. I have failed 3 times now - which is quite embarrassing and frustrating, especially when I have friends who passed it with flying colours and be in the gateway/foundation system already
  10. BBC: Disturbance at 'crisis' prison HMP Ranby

    Well this is sure getting out of hand.. quickly!
  11. Hampshire Specials Recruitment Event

    Hey Henry, It was a good session, got to meet other candidates, and staff members from sargents and special etc, the event is all about the role of a special and what to expect from the training etc. the wear everyone I saw wore smart casual/suits. It is good fun and you will enjoy it! Jamie
  12. Hampshire Specials Recruitment Event

    Sure, Just did!
  13. Good day, Just a quick question on the above title, I have to attend a Specials Recruitment Event before my actual Specials assessment day... and I am guessing this is new with the new built system they have with recruitment as I didn't have to attend one of these before. My question is - does anyone know what this event is going to be about? And perhaps a suggested dress code?... does the 'no jeans' rule still apply considering it is located at Netley for this type of event. The E-mail I got doesn't state why the event is needed.. I am heading to this event tomorrow - so it will be an interesting experience, I'm sure. Kind regards, Jamie
  14. Hey Hampshire peeps, I have my third assessment center on the 23rd of July, Will anyone from this site be joining me? mine will be from 1pm.
  15. Volunteering as 'Police Staff'

    Apologies for bumping an old thread... I wish to say that I got an interview and passed it, been accepted and waiting to clear vetting.. woo :D