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  1. Police mutual

    +1 to them being ridiculously expensive for car insurance. Never used them for anything else, and remember to opt out of their marketing. The wife forgot and receives rubbish most weeks through the door.
  2. Provisional licence driving questions

    Only time you could really do it on your own in a car is if you're on private land to which the public do not have access. If you're in Asda car park then you could be in bother.
  3. Buying non issue Stab/ballistic vest.

  4. PC/ DC transferees

    I've heard CID is incredibly hard to get in to, a Sgt I know has waited 3 years. I doubt though any Norpol HR come on here so worth giving them a call for the most up to date info.
  5. Multiple licence plates on a vehicle

    It seems quite common now on people who 'mod' their cars. I saw one yesterday with the Back to the Future outatime plate on the back next to the proper reg number. It's quite obvious it isn't a UK plate so if the other proper plates front and rear were compliant I'd most likely use my discretion to leave it be. Would be interesting to see a traffic officer's input.
  6. Special Constable and full time work

    I was recently on the job hunt and had a handful of interviews where more time was spent talking about me being a Special than my actual skills and abilities to do the job I had applied for. Every single interview seemed excellent and I didn't get any of the jobs. I removed all reference to being an SC on my CV for the last job I applied for, interview went exactly the same as the earlier ones and I got the job. I think people who don't understand what we do think we're just going to leave to become a PC sometime soon.
  7. Colour Vision/ Colour Blindness

    I am red/green (yet I can see both) but struggle with shades - or them mixing at a very far distance. I manage fine, just put it down and as part of your application tell your optician and they can do a quick test and put the type of colourblindness you have on the sheet. People who cannot see colour at all cannot apply.
  8. @npspecials on Twitter

    For anyone that is unaware, Northumbria Police Special Constabulary now have a twitter account - it's long overdue that we can show off the work we do.
  9. Northumbria Current PC Recruitment Campaign

    Yeah, 3 years or 600 officers I think. Probably 100 a year.
  10. Northumbria Current PC Recruitment Campaign

    Yeah the first online assessments - HR just keep putting more and more steps in to what is already a very long process. There's now SCs in Northumbria who have 3-5 years service who've failed a number of times and now are failing even earlier in the process - I wonder how many will decide to jack it in. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out.
  11. Northumbria Current PC Recruitment Campaign

    A friend of mine applied. SC for 3+ years, absolutely competent. Failed the first stage. I predict a lot of unhappy SCs - especially the ones who are SCs because they were told that was the only way in around 3-4 years ago.
  12. RMS address

    I will send you a private message.
  13. METRO news.This many police cars showed up to an early morning street brawl

    Could of been a red button job with that amount of cars there!
  14. How often do you do traffic stops?

    haha, my bad!
  15. How often do you do traffic stops?

    Northumbria do not allow SCs compliant stop so all my stops have been getting my partner to jump out (double screwed specials) and ask the car to pull over, or when spotted at junctions pull alongside and request to stop. Pretty much all of them have ended in a compliant VDRS process.