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  1. BTP PC recruitment (March 2013 campaign)

    Anybody still waiting to hear when they will have an assessment?
  2. Working in different force areas.

    In Avon & Somerset we have visited Dorset to work with them and Dorset have come to work with us in return.
  3. FIT trained?

    To Specials?
  4. Transferee Special Constable(BTP)

    I'm miles away unfortunately!
  5. Transferee Special Constable(BTP)

    Slightly confused - advert states all of force area and Greater London area - online application only gives option for Greater London and no choices of station? Can anybody help? Is it all of force area?
  6. FIT trained?

    Any Specials Forward Intelligence Trained on here? Looking to see if any forces offer this training or utilize Specials in this role?
  7. Experienced SC Transfers

    Ha typical football fans then and I am sure it takes up a lot of your time, it would be good to Police in different areas even if it is with rowdy football fans and confined to stations! Will keep looking for transfer vacancies, anybody any idea when they maybe out?
  8. Experienced SC Transfers

  9. Does anybody know if BTP will be accepting transfer applications anytime soon again, in particular for the W&W area? Also, apart from the normal response time work you would be involved with, can anybody give me an idea what a typical Football shift would involve etc? Looking to see what else you get involved with! Thanks Westcountry