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  1. Hendon Dojo : OST / ELS Refresher

    MSC123, on 08 Oct 2013 - 07:49 AM, said: The answer is in the name. Ask security when you attend. ....... And Barkingside Police Station ELS was above Sainsburys ! ( wanted to be 100 % sure it was at "Hendon") As no ones really answered you, between the skid pan and Simpson Hall Thanks alot
  2. Its easy if you know .......... Where is the Hendon Dojo please ? Also are there any pointers for this Venue / Refresher Course ? Would also be appreciated :new_thanks:
  3. Daily Mail "motorists risk a fatal accident by texting, tweeting or using Facebook at the wheel – more distracting than being over the drink-drive limit." IMO if the offence is comparible, then the Penalty should be too. People using a Mobile phone while Driving on the road should be banned.
  4. I have been looking on the Police Specials Forums on and off since I started my 23 weekend course back in November and have not seen any reference to the BTACS Specials Training Course in people's posts This has to be without a shadow of a doubt the best supplement to help passing your exams. Made up of material acquired by “Freedom Of Information” it serves as the best preparation, in My opinion. I am very busy at work during the day , but found having the complete course in one place, on line ( No paperwork !) allowing me to toggle through the subjects at my own pace, was priceless It is almost a mirror image of the type of questions asked in your KEE’s and gives you an understanding of the angle of approach you need to take and are taken by. I think this is especially useful for people doing the weekend course as you are rarely with the same trainer and there is a lack of continuity While I appreciate the information is all somewhere in and among the Short notes (600 pages Long) and Long notes (Longer!) this is a MUST if you want, an almost guaranteed Pass. I appreciate what is good for one is sometimes not for another …. It does not apply in this instance. I passed all 3 KEE’s with no re sits and Attest next week Looking forward to all there is to learn and experience for real ! Best of Luck
  5. Attestation Guests

    Thanks for your Posts ! Just for your info I Passed out approx 15 years ago first time around and I had 4 guests with me ! The course (Procedures that is) has changed so much over the years. Still enjoyed it though......... Thanks again.
  6. Attestation Guests

    I am soon to complete the 23 week course for the MSC and have been given an Attestation date at Hendon. Are we allowed to bring guest aong on the day ? Some have said one and others have said none ........ sure I will find out in the fullness of time but would like to know from others who know for sure. Thanks