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  1. Just starting out

    make sure that you have your breakfast that morning ! there's a lot of uniform to carry and its heavy and awkward
  2. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    yeah that sounds about right as pc have more things to get issued with and try on! and thats good my vetting wasn't approved at time of my fitting so that why I had to wait. With regards to boots im waiting for my offer pack to come through then I will be purchasing some.. Thinking magnums with the side zip for easy on and off <--- Too Lazy !!
  3. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    yeah ive seen them might have a look at them and im going to be based at Market rasen
  4. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    your welcome and no you get your kit on the first day of training or a couple of days before training depending. I need some boots now but unsure what ones to get and when to get them haha.
  5. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    yes its annoying but I suppose it worth the wait! The Uniform fitting take about 30-40 mins, might be able longer as you will be issued more equipment than myself, if you get asked what time you want id advise getting the earlier appointment as its quieter in a morning.
  6. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    its the 1000 volunteer challenge thats why there busy ! not good when you`re keen to get started ! and the training dates are from feb to april I think. Uniform fitting is ok you try a million things off and on again haha.
  7. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    training dates have been confirmed, just had my uniform fitting today and id card just waiting for my offer letter and conformation of everything! I didnt think that they were taking Specials on at this time lol
  8. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    thanks !
  9. VPCSO Feb 2016 intake

    New to the Forum so if in the wrong place I apologise! Has anyone been accepted into the VPCSO Feb 2016 intake ?