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  1. Provisional Training Date

    Well done on getting through guys Presumably you're both going to be Specials?
  2. Going equipped for solo patrol

    I'm rapidly progressing through my SOLAP and will have IPS in no time at all. I'm beginning to learn that the basic equipment I go out with is not enough to deal with common jobs that come up. Only last shift I acquired 3 inches worth of paperwork to start taking around with me which included things like DASH forms, statement paper and continuation sheets, collision reports, ASB dispersal notices among other things. I have two questions... Firstly, to prepare myself for solo patrol, what other things should I consider keeping in my patrol bag; documents or otherwise. Secondly, can anyone recommend handy folder/organiser which I can keep most paperwork in and keep in my kit bag? Cheers
  3. Recruits Of 2012

    Hi waggo, welcome back I think you'll find there are a few new faces and not so many old ones!
  4. Basic definition of theft

    The definition of theft by law: A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it Each of the underlined words have their own definitions in law. You can read up on this here: I'm happy to (try and) explain any parts you may not understand or you may wish to wait until you have your theft lesson in training school.
  5. Use of force legislation

    During training, as part of your Officer safety training, you will need to know what legislation allows you to use force that is reasonable in the course of your duty. See below There is legislation which covers you for using force on a person while performing your duty: Common law (self defence) Section 3 Criminal Law Act 1967 A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large Section 117 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Where any section of PACE 1984 confers any power on a constable, this section allows reasonable force to be used in the execution of that power. This basically means that an officer may use reasonable force to effect an arrest or carry out their duty that conforms with PACE.
  6. Evening Standard - Metropolitan Police Specials

    Unfortunately it is not just London and the Met affected by this... The recruitment and retention of Specials in my force has dropped significantly also. Training intakes that used to have 80+ now have 20. From what I've heard, only 1/20 from training intakes in the last 5 years actually are still serving as Special Constables 5 years on - whether that be through leaving to become a reg or other commitments. It's a sad state of affairs.
  7. Young Specials

    You'll find most specials are rather young so it is nothing to be worried about. Certainly on the last 3 training intakes of my force there have been about 5 out of 60+ who were over 30 years old. Most are between 18-22 and then a handful 23-30 year olds. In my opinion it is harder for the older ones as they have to adapt to the people around them which could be quite difficult if there is a 20+ year age gap.
  8. Patrol cap size

    Awesome, I will see if I can get hold of some and try it out. Thanks
  9. Patrol cap size

    Interesting xD How did you fix them in?
  10. Patrol cap size

    My patrol cap is 58cm and is extremely tight on my head. I tried a 59 but that is so loose that it falls off too easily. I've asked for the opinion of stores and my Super and they said go with the smaller size. For even a couple of minutes, the tightness becomes really uncomfortable. I wondered if anyone had any tips? For example, going for a larger size and somehow padding it to fit? If anyone has any tips like that they'd be greatly received as I'm sure I am not the only one with a head that doesn't fit a hat size!
  11. Buying "ex-police" kit from eBay

    My understanding is that the force will only issue a vest through occupational health for a medical reason and for taser officers. Everyone at my nick is taser trained because we're out in the sticks, so they all sport vests anyway. Although I haven't formally asked, I am sure if those with medical conditions can wear them then it shouldn't be a problem. Type and configuration I'm unsure, I might check it over with my local sergeant The baton holder claims to fit the baton, and yes I have seen a number of people use them. A&S really cheaped out on their pouches so I have seen A LOT of officers who have swapped them out for alternatives
  12. Buying "ex-police" kit from eBay

    Basically I've been looking at ASP breakthrough scabbards...they're almost £40 to buy from patrolstore but if I can save £30 by getting second hand from eBay it's a no brainer I'm also looking for a duty/assault vest kind of thing. Is this advisable? Providing it is in suitable condition, I can't see any problems with using this operationally? Can you?
  13. introduction

    Another ted?
  14. Better prepared for initial training tips.

    Still only 2 days for A&S. Covered in a weekend
  15. PNB pranks

    Apparently not from what I've heard and seen..