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  1. Boot Polishing / Bulling up

    Top Job... been doing circles untiill now... putting loads on in circles with a cloth and then a dip in some water, then a bit of polishish.. more water... etc etc... defo going to be trying this technique over the christmas period... just 2 more traning nights to go 1st..
  2. Hey Guys, This has probably been covered somewhere else on the forums no doubt but still it never hurts to ask the question again and then get some new responses..... Boot Polishing & Bulling up... I can polish my boots enough to get a bit of a shine on them and make them look very presentable, but what are the best techniques to bulling them up and have an amazing parade style shine to them?? Feel free every body to help out, ill provide the polish if you fancy showing me how its done... L O L Cheers guys Stitchy
  3. Introduction

    After checking out George's books i asked some general advice and the comparison of the Hughes books verses the Blacstones manuals (set of 4). his verdict was, The Hughes books even though they have the advantage of being bullet pointed, the Blackstones have the advantage of being in depth enough to help you whilst we are learning and fresh out of training. I am still unsure which to get though, although i have been given an old set of Blackstones manuals (2002) editions so ill have a look though them and see what i feel and then decide form there. I will definatly be getting both the beat officers companion & The traffic officers companion as after having a look at those they are both excelent carry round in your pocket size books that you can make reference to whilst you are at the roadside or on patrol (providing your not in 'The Mire' at the time) I will put the Blackstones books in my kit bag and bring them on Saturday just so you can have a gander at them.
  4. Status of people using this forum

    Special constable.. Starting training on 24th nov 12
  5. Bit of advice please?

    Hi Ian By the sound of things your head and heart are both set on joining the force agaib and giving it your all. I am just about to start my initial training but the initial joining is something ive put off for fair few years whilst my work commitments grew and so i passed on applying, and every time i did a few months later when i was back on top of my work load i kicked myself. It was then a case of rinse and repeat for the last 5-6 years... But last august i passed paper sift and i havent looked back. Dont ever look back and say i shouldnt have done that... Every day is a school day... So when you look back you should say... Next time ill do that a differently. As im only just starting out, i do feel that i am not only joining a team but im becoming part of an exclusive family (so to speak) and remember that there are always lots of people to talk to in difficult times. This is only ny view of course but hope it helps you make tge decision thats right for you.
  6. Introduction

    Hi Guys it was brilliant to meet you all on Tuesday eveing for the pre induction and i cant wait now to get stuck into the training and the studying... Brain overload here we come!!! Just a quick question that i though of earlier on today as i was driving about in this lovely British weather that were having.... Are there any books or manuals that you would recommend in getting to help through both our training and our future careers as constables in Gloucestershire? I have heard that there is a set of 4 Blackstones books which are outstanding and brilliant for a knowledge resource for all aspects of policing but wonder what peoples other views are? Good Luck to all of us, and remember ... we join as individuals, but now we are part of the biggest team in 'the Shire'. If 1 of us struggles then we All struggle. Lets work this out together, Teamwork always wins Stitchy