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  1. SOROC - IPS

    Please call it SOROC. It would make me happy.
  2. SOROC - IPS

    Is SORAC the new SOROC?....... hmmm 5 shifts. I am impressed. 2 must have been aid... wow.
  3. annual fitness test

    Honestly, it really wouldn't bother me.
  4. Met Police Travel Updates

    I'm assuming you mean when the current deal for current officers is due to expire? New joiners don't get it full stop.
  5. Met Police Travel Updates

    Yes. And that I believe was part of the reason, alongside the financial saving, for removing it. Met wants officers from the Met district. I'm all for that. I just resent having to sit on a tube for an hour when I could get home in 20 minutes if allowed to use overground network, to the exact same station (Upminster) in an Oyster zone.
  6. Met Police Travel Updates

    Not necessarily commenting on the cost of transport - I guess I should have said it's a relevant issue as some officers have it, some don't... which regardless of salary, is always going to mean its a torturous issue.
  7. annual fitness test

    I'm all for this and it's all positive. People should have pride in their fitness and strive to be as fit as they can. Both for work and for longevity of life and I am pleased to see the job get behind it! Roll on a higher pass mark for operational officers and should be done in boots, met vest and belt kit in my opinion.
  8. Met Police Travel Updates

    Hey all, Just wondering what the latest off the grapevine is in terms of travel for Met officers. Simply remaining as TFL and Bus's or has there been any discussions about other types of discounted/subsidized travel on other services? One thought I had was just implement a system where officers can use travel within 'Oyster Zones'... I appreciate a deal would still have to be struck with the rail operators but would keep inline with 'recruiting from London' and allows people to use slightly faster transport. Just a thought.
  9. Gyms

    *UPDATE Ok, just found my way through and booked myself on for a Gym Induction at ESB. PM me if you want details.
  10. Gyms

    Mmm interesting, ok thanks. I'll try and call ESB today and will confirm. Antone have a switchboard NO to try?
  11. Gyms

    Great thanks.
  12. Gyms

    Anyone have the contact there (@ ESB) to get one organised? (Two weeks off before commencing PC training ideal time to get one done.)
  13. Met Rugby Team

    Ahh yes I remember seeing such a poster at the KD Patrol Base off the A12. Do you know what local team it is? Romford & Gidea Park perhaps?
  14. Met Rugby Team

    Cheers - yeah I know about this. Was hoping for somthing on the 'regular side'
  15. Met Rugby Team

    Do they only have 1 team out of Imber Court? Was holing for something more East...