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  1. New Body Armour

    Yes indeed you do... Black is being made available for units that need it for operational purpooses (firearms etc) They are now reviewing this decision for health and safety and financial/operational reasons.. And hello everyone.... after a notable absense I am back!
  2. L Plates

    Can't issue a VDRS as already stated. Likewise, can't issue a NEFPN for it. The offence being committed by not displaying both L plates is DOTIWAL which is an endorsable offence which would result in a fixed penalty notice of £60 and 3 penalty points if the decision to issue a ticket for it was made. Likewise, whether one is missing or both are missing, it is still the same DOTIWAL offence and doesn't become any more serious in terms of penatly issued, so would still be a FPN for the same offence (obviously with the option to report if too many points already etc)
  3. Death by dangerous driving

    Manslaughter by Unlawful Act In order to prove manslaughter by an unlawful act (constructive manslaughter), you must prove: • An unlawful act by the defendant, that is, an act which is unlawful in itself, irrespective of the fact that it ultimately results in someone's death. The act must be inherently unlawful. An act that only becomes unlawful by virtue of the way in which it is carried out will not be enough. A good example is ‘driving’. Driving is clearly not an inherently unlawful act but becomes so if done inconsiderately on a road or public place. Therefore if someone drives inconsiderately and thereby causes the death of another, the act of driving—albeit carried out in a way that attracts criminal liability—is not an ‘unlawful act’ for the purposes of constructive manslaughter (see Andrews v DPP [1937] AC 576). This is one reason why there are statutory offences addressing most instances of death that are caused by poor standards of driving. (Source: Blackstones)
  4. Non payment of fines

    As stated, a non payment of fine warrant will usually have a power of arrest attached, in order the person can be bought back before the court to work out how the fine is going to be paid back (or not as the case may be!)
  5. The man who jumps from buildings

    No specific offences relating to that sort of thing, although I would be considering S136 mental health act!! (Joke!)
  6. Repeat Offenders.

    Decent prison sentences?
  7. Buying booze

    I hadn't heard of that change personally, but why anyone would ever want to I'm not quite sure. I'm sure it would still be an issue that would get you operational advice at the least, really wouldn't look good.
  8. I would arrest you, but I'm busy right now

    Unless the matter was one of potential life and death and I was on the way to catch a flight, then I would simply be calling it in on 999 and letting the on duty guys deal with it. None of the options suggested are appropriate and a number could be unlawful / abuse of process. Paul.
  9. body armour

    It doesn't tend to smell to be honest. Just make sure it is stood upright between uses, even if in your locker.
  10. The End of Boxer-1

    Cheeky! I personally think in this time of budget saving this decision is spot on. I won't "air" (no pun intended) my personal views about boxer and the service supplied on here, but I don't think the service recieved will be much worse, and may even improve. The bases are going to be RAF Odiham and Shoreham, so the county should still have decent cover with response times. Paul
  11. Definition of being in uniform

    Unless it is after a collision, then any Police Officer, in uniform or plain clothes may administer the test.
  12. VEL

    EU vehicles brought into the UK can be used for six months in any 12-month period. You do not need to register the vehicle in the UK as long as you can show that the vehicle complies with the registration and tax requirements of its home country. It’s the responsibility of the driver to prove how long the vehicle has been in the country. Producing ferry tickets can do this. If the keeper of the vehicle becomes resident in the UK, the vehicle must be immediately registered and taxed in the UK. UK residents are not allowed to use a foreign registered vehicle on UK roads. The exception is when a UK resident: •is employed or self-employed in another EU member state •uses a EU registered company car temporarily in the UK for business purposes To use a non-EU vehicle in the UK on a temporary basis, the driver of the vehicle needs to contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on entering the UK. The decision lies with HMRC whether a visiting vehicle from outside the EU can be used.
  13. What's this called?

    It will vary Force to Force. In Hampshire as RPU Officers we are able to send out our own. Its 28 days for the driver to supply the details, not 14 14 days is the time we have to send out an NIP to a driver following a relevant offence requiring one.
  14. Thoughts on joining

    Well done Neil! Like many areas of the Police and even departments within the Police, a lot of the "dinosaurs" have retired now, and more open views in pretty much areas exist now. I have even seen a massive change in the last 10 years during my service to date.
  15. Re: Totting up.

    Any update FSO? Inital story sounds like a comedy sketch, not a single bit of truth in there by the sound of it from your friend!