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  1. MSC-PC Training Course

    At Richmond you will be required to parade every shift.
  2. Met recruitement - struggling or oversubscribed?

    What about specials living outside london? Will they be able to apply for the job? Seems a bit harsh if they can't.
  3. Met recruitement - struggling or oversubscribed?

    Honesty is the best policy.
  4. Met recruitement - struggling or oversubscribed?

    Is this sarcasm or you being honest? A sergeant told me it was in the new PCs contracts. Seems a bit harsh signing a contract telling you where you can or can't live. Just didn't sound right to me.
  5. Met recruitement - struggling or oversubscribed?

    One you join as a regular now is it in your contact that you have to live in London? Can you move out of london after you've joined?
  6. Crime reviewer

    Yea I'm a special and ddo in the met. I was just interested in what hours they work really. Looking to get rid of the nights shifts
  7. Crime reviewer

    Does anyone know much about the crime reviewer vacancy advertised? I'd be interested to know what hours they work. Also does the pay increase with time served. If anyone has any info I'd be grateful. Thanks
  8. New radio clip

    Hi, I annoyingly left my radio clip on my borrowed radio the other night, not for the first time! I can't seem to find where I ordered it from last time, could someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  9. Warrant number....

    can anyone walk me through how to do it on msc online?
  10. Warrant number....

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated! The form is for me to transfer boroughs.
  11. I need to know my 8 number warrant number for a form I'm trying to fill in. I obviously know the 6 digits off by heart but I'm unsure of the 2 numbers that go before it. Anybody know where if would be able to find out?
  12. When I was joining I think they said it was 1 in 10
  13. OST at Hendon - Booking on?

    At Simpson house now, so instead of the nice big classroom at the Peel centre you have to squeeze in to the tiny classrooms at Simpson house.
  14. OST at Hendon - Booking on?

    Shouldn't you book on so they can record the hours you are doing?
  15. Civilian jobs and MSC

    As a ddo and special myself, I concur