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  1. North Yorks Regs

    And to yourself, keep me posted on your dates
  2. North Yorks Regs

    Hi Griff, Passed the interview, I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed the interview far more than I though I would have. Ive not long had an email inviting me to Medical and Fitness also fingers crossed.
  3. North Yorks Regs

    Hi Simon. I know this is an extremely late reply to your post (apologies ), however I applied May 2016. Passed the SEARCH, and have my filter interview in a few weeks...how is your application going? Mitch
  4. 2016 Recruitment

    Despite the no replies i'll keep people updated, passed the paper sift and have the assessment centre tomorrow! Fingers crossed!! Anyone else there?
  5. 2016 Recruitment

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone else applied for the NYP Student Officer recruitment drive last month and if they've heard back yet? Mitch
  6. Just a quick one for people who don't know. Lincs have just opened up the recruitment for PC, applications are being accepted until early September so I believe. Good Luck
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Yale69" data-cid="2434841" data-time="1368737972"><p> Currently?????????</p></blockquote> Yes! <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Jimbobby" data-cid="2448196" data-time="1370601463"><p> Just done the same Yale69! <br /> <br /> Good luck to you all. I'm at Market Rasen but often do shifts in Lincoln too so should be seeing you all at some point!<br /> <br /> Good luck with your training. Try and take it all in as best you can as it is intensive (just like the name says)</p></blockquote> GRIM! how we doing mate?
  8. 2013 Intake

    Anyone else heard anything?
  9. Got my email saying i'd passed shortlisting
  10. 2013 Intake

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="adam1234" data-cid="2432048" data-time="1368455137"><p> Congratulations now the hard work begins. <br /> <br /> Spend any spare time brushing up on spelling (plenty of tests online), writing styles and psychometric tests. If you want it bad enough and put the work in you will succeed but don't leave anything to chance. I became a bit of a revision obsessed recluse for a few months but its worth it in the end!<br /> <br /> You'll probably only get one crack of the whip this time around so make it count! Good luck!</p></blockquote> Cheers for the tips pal, glad I finally got a response. Only 3 months late yeah I can pretty much garguntee I'll become a recluse also.
  11. 2013 Intake

    They've said there is no date set yet
  12. 2013 Intake

    Just got the email I was waiting for! Passed shortlisting!!
  13. Where are you all looking to be based?