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  1. Personal licences

    I had to hand back my personal licence before I could apply.
  2. 02/2013 intake

    Not us , we were at assessment centre the day of the election
  3. 02/2013 intake

    Thanks & thanks for the training
  4. personal licence holder

    I'm in a large store , 5 licence holders needed but you volunteer ! So I said I would need to stop holding the licence. My boss was very supportive luckily for me,
  5. personal licence holder

    I work in one of your competitors !! I was told I couldn't apply , luckly I managed to get out of holding the licence. This was in Dorset. I hope it goes well
  6. Medical today ! Any one else?
  7. I've got mine !!! Passed !! Chuffed to say the least !!!
  8. I am also waiting !!! Same dates so I guess the same assessment !!! I called them yesterday there is a delay and we should hear next week , good luck !