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  1. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Do you work on traffic by any chance? !
  2. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Seems like a good decision not to rock the boat if you are in the process for regs. Don't want to go mucking that up over epaulettes. Glad to hear there is still some supportive areas for the MSC from the regs. Clearly people who understand the happier a volunteer is the more time they will give! !
  3. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Sounds like the SPS is on a power trip and just doesn't like you! Glad you have a regular team that values and supports you, the reg Skipper sounds like a good pro-Special one. Have you raised the issue with him, maybe the SPS should be directed towards him.
  4. L3 Driving Ban to be lifted...?

    This is correct, most MSC were trained on weekend courses. But the money had to come from somewhere (all the instructors were on overtime. ..) In some cases officers funded the courses themselves. But they were not allowed to just buy their own, they had to fund a few. As for cost, about 2k a pop.
  5. HELLO

    My name is Miss Joy

    i saw profile on(policespecials.com)

    and pick interest in you as friend

    so contact me true my email addresses

    (joy_xawaza@yahoo.com) for

    picture and other discussion ok

  6. City of London recruitment

    It seems that there must be a typo on the website... what it should say is.... "Please do not telephone this number before after 9am on Monday 15th February as your call will not be answered."
  7. City of London recruitment

    Good Luck to those applying
  8. WPC Accused Of Faking Beating

    I feel it unfair to discipline this young lady for faking injuries ... after all she is only taking the lead from her senior officers over the border in the Met ............ further reading
  9. Refuses to accept PND

    Certainly a logical way forward in a lot of situations would be to report someone and avoid custody, however, in this situation I'd also have in the back of my mind, should a member of the public be seen by other members of the public to swear at Police and (in their eyes) be allowed to walk away from it. I'm not so sure... there is also the issue, of you reporting him, and it possibly going nowhere, so you've lost out because a) he gets away with it b) the only person to have encountered inconvenience is yourself - whereas at least if you nicked him on the spot he encountered inconvenience and annoyance there and then regardless of what happens afterwards. I had a similar situation many years ago when I had just finished a traffic stop with someone who wasn't happy about being stopped. As the stop finished and they went to get in their car they shouted an F and a C at me ... they had already sworn during the traffic stop and were warned then. There were members of the public around who would have heard this... it was pre-IDCOPPLAN and they were arrested... but it does make me wonder, had this been post-idcopplan what action I would have or could have taken in terms of something positive/immediate to show them it was not acceptable.
  10. IPCC investigation into death

    Mackey I'm not knocking you mate, as it is very relevant to the topic being discussed and I don't doubt the information is available publicly - but should we be publishing pursuit policies on forums? For example, I know Criminals do come on this forum to pick up tips and tricks and surely this is saying get a bike and do what you like because nobody will ever chase you? A bit like when Humberside police (I think) banned pursuits altogether. Where did motor crime go through the roof for the next few months? Humberside! Like I said nothing personal towards you but I don't feel comfortable with the info being on here, probably just me seeing as nobody else has raised the point.
  11. Police want power to tackle repeated domestic bullies

    A spot on idea in my opinion. Domestic Violence MUST be dealt with proactively. This is something that the police failed a number of people on in the past and the introduction of 124Ds and the Positive Action policy is here to help officers take appropriate steps on the street. If there are no criminal offences present, then arrest Breach of Peace. These powers to deal with "low level" abuse are a good idea. All too quickly this low level abuse turns in to "medium level" abuse where the insults become a slap and then "high level" abuse where the slaps become kicks, punches etc. Any powers to enable police to take steps sooner rather than later with intervention as early on in the abuse cycle as possible can only be a good thing. In my experience, abused women (and of course men) usually report that their abuser moves up in the stages described above - they get away with one thing, so move it up a gear, where they get away with that etc. Fortunately, the police has become much better in dealing with D.V however there's still room for further improvement. Don't forget that over 50% of violence in this country is domestic. Fortunately more Officers now understand the seriousness of the crime, previously (mannnny years ago) it wasn't taken as seriously - that's not a criticism of any individuals, it was one of those police culture things.
  12. Man interviewed over police dog death: Northumberland

    BBC has also updated with "A man arrested after a police dog was found dead at its handler's home has been bailed following tests showing it was likely to have died naturally."
  13. Two police dogs die in parked car

    If negligence has lead to the death of these two dogs, then the book should be thrown at those responsible, police officer or not. I am so angry to tell you the truth because this is clearly something that was so avoidable, assuming that it was heat which has killed these dogs.
  14. Welsh Traffic Sergeant Cleared

    Was wondering the same thing - I'd imagine he would still be subject to disciplinary procedures within his force? But its less serious for him as a conviction for dangerous driving (and prison sentence) probably saw him kicked out the job, I'd be interested to hear what his future prospects might be.
  15. Welsh Traffic Sergeant Cleared

    The traffic sergeant convicted of dangerous driving previously (Sgt Bannister) has now had his conviction overturned by the appeal court... full story here! A 30-year-old police sergeant traffic offer jailed for five months for crashing his car at more than 110mph has been cleared of dangerous driving. Craig Bannister, of Briton Ferry, was bailed by the appeal court earlier this month after serving just 20 days. The judges overturned the dangerous driving conviction, replacing it with one for careless driving. The jail term was replaced by a £50 fine and a three-month driving ban, which the sergeant has already served. Monday's ruling means Bannister is able to drive again. His barrister, Nicholas Hilliard QC, argued successfully that Bannister was no ordinary motorist, but a highly-qualified police driver with years of experience, and the jury should have been told to take that into account when deciding whether he drove dangerously. 'Error of judgement' Bannister, a driver with the South Wales force and the designated traffic supervisor for its western area, driving on the M4 near Swansea when his BMW 5 series car span out of control. He received minor injuries when the car flew through the air on the night of 13 January, 2008, after hitting standing water at 113mph. The officer had been responding to an emergency call when he accelerated to 120 mph, but continued to drive at a high speed after he was stood down from the incident, the original Cardiff Crown Court jury was told. At the sentencing hearing in March, the judge said he took a "particularly serious" view of the offence, which could justify only immediate imprisonment. However, the appeal court decided at a hearing in May that it was a case of "an error of judgement by an extremely experienced driver" and that a fine was the appropriate penalty. Bannister was described as being of previous "exemplary" character and earned commendations for his work with South Wales Police. During his trial he claimed his speed was appropriate for the weather conditions, and that he was trying to find a safe place to turn off his blue lights after being stood down from the emergency call. The three appeal court judges will give their reasons for their decision at a later date.