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  1. Trafford Specials

    Jre have you started training yet? If not, let me know when I will see if there is anything I can do. But if my detective skills are still on point I have a feeling you’ve already started and this has now been sorted 😉
  2. Trafford Specials

    Jre - I'm a bit late to the post but I am an M div Special and wondered if you were: a. still going through the process, and; b. still considering Trafford?
  3. The guy you are referring to is actually one of my Specials, I'm his S/Sgt, and he did indeed transfer from Cheshire. He came to GMP with 4 years experience at Cheshire but as Londonbased pointed out he still had to go through the interview stage to get GMP to accept him. It's not as easy as saying I'm transferring and got experience unfortunately. However once accepted we will do our best to get the training school to release you to division straight away, with some refresher training of cuffs, baton, CS and some on the job training for radio, systems, etc. As in the SC's case you mentioned he was IP straight away and put out on division within a few days of his new warrant card being issued at the next available attestation. Hope that answers some questions.
  4. Specials training.

    No mate, I've been a Special in GMP for over 3 years, based on the M (Trafford). Your provisional posting will more than likely stick as it is, unless loads of people leave another division between now and when you attest. Enjoy your training, you'll get a lot out of it and make loads of new friends in the process.
  5. Specials training.

    There will be an overlap on intakes so they let you pick up any courses you can't do by attending with another intake. What division have you been assigned Kee?
  6. PSU Medic

    Nice bit of Mancunian whit there mate!
  7. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    Yeah, just a standard red wipe board pen. Just make sure you don't get a permanent one! Ha!
  8. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    I too have a pen for writing down obs on windscreens so myself and the driver can see them. Excellent tip that I picked up from a regular colleague.
  9. Basic driving permit

    Better get practising my 10-2 hand positions then. Not done that in 14 years since passing my test! I'm never surprised about the nonsensical nature of GMP. I'm use to that now! :new_hmmm:
  10. Basic driving permit

    I'm on the Alpha mate. Cheers for the heads up I might bob in and see DRMU next time I'm in and just check course dates. Thanks for the info. I had heard the same that it was theory and practical test but didn't know for sure
  11. Basic driving permit

    Yeah mate I am.
  12. Basic driving permit

    Can anyone who has recently undergone their basic driving permit training tell me what it entails? I have been put forward for the training and just waiting for some available dates to come up. Cheers
  13. Boot allowance

    Well that's what I thought but apparently not. I claimed £30 when I first went Operational and now have to wait for 2 years after that date to claim again!!!
  14. Boot allowance

    UPDATE: Mr Heyes from Sedgley has just emailed me to say its £30 every 2 years.
  15. Boot allowance

    Thank you I99. Thats what I thought it was. My S/Sgt has emailed saying as far as she is aware its £30 every 2 years. Might need to get some written confirmation from Sedgley and then I can pass that under her nose to get her to reinstate my expenses.