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  1. May PCSO Intake

    Cya tomorrow people!! Now how do I get there?!
  2. PCSO questions

    Excellent. Thanks for the reply!
  3. PCSO questions

    Great Info! I'm starting next tuesday. Just wanted to ask a pay question. I understand we are to be paid every four weeks, was just wondering if anyone can give me the day/dates of the next couple of pay dates. Need to budget/know how far to stretch the current funds Thanks.
  4. May PCSO Intake

    Hey mate, you could give them an email/call and ask what the typical friday finish time is. I better get investing in some boots!
  5. May PCSO Intake

    Hey, Yea, I am starting 27th. Also very excited, i'm LU.
  6. PCSO Recruitment Jan 14

    Yup! Tense Tense Tense!
  7. PCSO Recruitment Jan 14

    Yea, i'm the same! I I guess a trip to the library is in order! Thanks,
  8. PCSO Recruitment Jan 14

    Hi, I have my a/c next sat, just wondering if anyone else has had issues accessing the online health questionnaire? Maybe I need to change my browser but followed their instructions and can't seem to access it! Anyways, good luck all!