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  1. I think there is a long list of people waiting. The July course has a few people who couldn't complete the course for one reason or another and with the cancelled course also.... I don't think there is any problem phoning to check when you will be starting. Good luck
  2. Yep, I start at the same time. Been waiting ages, although I had to pull out of one course due to injury.
  3. Recruitment January 2015

    Thanks, found one email in my junk folder with the log in details etc !!
  4. Recruitment January 2015

    Introduction ? Where is that ?
  5. Hep B Jabs

    Not sure if they still do, but they used to give the jabs during each training course. I had two lots, both done at sully (first one didn't do anything). They just use an empty room.
  6. What boots to get

    Love my Altberg sneakers (not lady), have tried others but don't find them as comfortable.
  7. Recruitment January 2015

    Got my letter yesterday with Induction day in September and the list of training dates..
  8. Anything I should get prior to training?

    Good morning, I agree with the above, wait until you get on shift to see what others use. There is lots you CAN buy, but going on first shift looking like a Tackleberry' is not good. Everybody has their own ideas of what you 'need', best to observe and make you own mind up. Start looking and trying on boots. TVP will tell you which books to get. Have fun with training
  9. Finally finished the process

    Probably what the people who got kicked off thought !
  10. Finally finished the process

    Well done so far. Its not over till it's over. People have been kicked off training before. The training is enjoyable, but because of that some people 'get a bit excited' Good luck.
  11. What boots to get

    Details sent in PM.
  12. What boots to get

    Have tried magnums, not too keen on them. Now using Altberg sneakers, light and flexible which is great for long shifts. Big disadvantage is price. i am in TVP and went to Windsor to a police and army specialist who let me try on different ones to see what suited me best.
  13. Fitness test & training

    Well done. Onto the next step.
  14. Recruitment January 2015

    I just did press ups for the push and lying under a table pulling my weight up for the pull test. Worked for me. Good luck.
  15. Medical results