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  1. Hi Folks, Quick question I was watching a program recently in which a motorist was stopped due to an anpr hit for no insurance (the vehicle was high value) On stop the driver was asked if the vehicle was insured to which he replied no, but he was. He advised that he is self insured (depositing money with the Accountant General) and able to drive any motor vehicle with our without insurance held on it The stop was in the early hours of the morning and mid was not showing any details of insurance on the car, he also could not produce anything stating the above Does anyone know how it actually works or is it a myth? I didn't get a chance to see the ending
  2. Have to agree with Scot, due to the kicks in the groin for starters! Between the two officers, that could have been handled better.
  3. Road Traffic Collisions - On Duty

    I had a similar discussion with a paramedic that I worked with on a shift, but it was about penalty points. If you drive to an incident on blues, hit a vehicle, deemed to be at fault, and get points on your personal licence (as you don't hold a "company" licence) should you be penalized on your personal licence for this? As in your normal day to day driving, you wouldn't be on blues or using exemptions. Also, from an insurance point of view on the topic at hand. It goes side by side with what i have said above, i dont think it should have to be declared as an accident to your personal insurance company. But the fact of it is, if you have an accident which is logged on the accident database, in your name. Then yes, you will have to declare this to your insurer. Of course, you can explain the circumstances involved to the insurer who will then seek guidance with the underwriter to see if the policy should be loaded with a premium or not, as they have the final say on clauses, terms, pricing etc.
  4. Police shoot 2 in woolwich

    With the comments regarding the sentries from the barracks turning up prior to the ARV, what force could they have applied in this instance? Would they turn up with their weapons, and if the need arise use them in the same way as ARV?
  5. Didn't see the pothole..

    Wow! Someone's going to have a sore head and back!
  6. Hi all, As its now coming into the summer I'm starting to dig out the cycling gear! Started it last year and was only doing local cycle paths, but now I want to venture out. I've been looking at two cycle carriers on for the car (Seat Leon FR 2007), but not sure what one would be better suited. It will be a maximum of two bikes on the carrier. Can you have a look at the links below and tell me your views? Bootlid carrier Towball carrier Thanks in advance, Ross
  7. MOP Thank You

    No police related but emergency care, I received a letter from the upper management in the ambulance service after a call i attended that resulted in a cardiac arrest patient being successfully discharged from hospital. The letter was sent as the family of the patient wrote in thanking me for my quick response and prompt actions during the resuscitation
  8. Next recruitment drive?

    My work sorted for this week then! Thanks all
  9. Next recruitment drive?

    Thanks for the reply. Don't suppose you have any idea of a date or a timeframe? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Next recruitment drive?

    Guys/Girls, Had a look on the website but it doesn't have a lot of info on it. Does anyone have an inclination as to why the next drive for specials will be? Thanks,
  11. Driver trying to avoid breath test

    For option A, Has the driver committed an offence of failing to provide a specimen, as from reading the above, at the time of "walking off" the officer is currently waiting for another patrol to drop off a breathalyser? Maybe I have just read too deep into it?
  12. Mr Veitch In Edinburgh

    This video alone has made my very boring day much better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Blue Lightbar for use off-road

    Found a couple of videos on youtube of M+L ambulance service (which is a company under the branching of UK Secure Ambulance Service)
  14. Echo: Special Constable on phone when she collided with biker

    Again, I need to press a button which enables voice activation on my parrot system. So for the purpose of the offence as I have had an interactive communication function ie. pressing a button. I would be committing an offence? So much for the advertisement about Bluetooth headsets or built in systems... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Echo: Special Constable on phone when she collided with biker

    So by using my mobile, through a bluetooth system, would i still be committing an offence as the phone is still in use?