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  1. BTP Next PCSO intake

    I'm in Btp currently we have just had 3 intakes this year for pcso I was in the first the last have just finished and are in their 4 week probation not heard any news of more
  2. Is enjoying being a 5x5 strong woman ;) will need a spotting partner soon though

  3. Can't wait for a lie in tomorrow!!! Oh well mean while on the dlr watching a gorgeous sunrise

  4. Watching the programmeon the awful and sad situation last year with terry tompson and the killing of all those tigers lions and bears!! So ridiculously sad such a horrid waste of beautiful creatures

  5. Morning!!! Ughhhhhhhh

  6. Mairi has kendo blisters and needs to learn 1-10in Japanese lol

  7. Ouch!!! Nasty fall for the Swedish Fredericson in the show jumping

  8. Opening ceremony = awesome!!!

  9. Is at the walk in centre with her scraggy arm

  10. Tired . Com !! And hot hot hot but now finished so off to relax and enjoy sun ;)

  11. Just did my first body bar in like forever!!! Loved it but I'm guna feel it over the next couple of days! Note to self if you haven't done body bar in a few months lower your weights!

  12. Ok mr bike thief we have you on candy camera its just a matter of time before we find you! Thankyou for the very clear mug shots and the obvious way in which you stole my bike!!! Jumping up and down on Louise's to break the lock!!

  13. I want all my nottingham friends to move to London now!!!!

  14. Thank you for spoiling my day to the stupid oiks who have decide to steal my rd bike :(

  15. Is off to pass out!!!