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  1. https://www.iompolice.im/ Closing date is 16:00 on Friday 22nd September 2017
  2. Field Hockey

    Yep goalie, umpire and also somehow coach! Where do you play Pip?
  3. regular recruitment

    Yeah apparently so
  4. regular recruitment

    Hi all. Is anyone doing their SET and fitness on Thursday? This will be my resit from January. I missed out by a mark and a quarter first time
  5. Injured on duty

    No, i handed it to the custody Sgt, i assume he got it back in the morning
  6. Injured on duty

    Headbutted in the cheek whilst informing a fella he was under arrest for affray. Saw him throw his head in time to turn mine, otherwise might have had a nice squished nose!!
  7. Transferring

    Hi Dizzydee I'm currently a serving special so at the moment it would be as a special. cheers
  8. Transferring

    Ah. Thanks andyfofo. I'll have to have a look into it then
  9. Transferring

    Hi guys and gals, First post and I'm sure this has probably been covered. Does anyone know what the availability of making a transfer to Strathclyde? Are there any rules ie IPS etc? Many thanks Whitey