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  1. Patrol Boots

    I always used to recommend cheap boots until I got myself a pair of Altbergs. I wouldn't wear anything else now, they are more comfortable than a pair of slippers. Altberg do a police discount, have a lightweight version of their standard patrol boot and also sell hi-gloss ledergris to keep them looking shiny.
  2. Obstructing emergency services

    Yes, as long as the person/vehicle is responding to 'emergency circumstances' as defined in section 3 and 4. The act also covers HM Coastguard and RNLI.
  3. Taxi driver demands fare upfront

    Hackney Carriage and PHV drivers can refuse any fare. It doesn't matter what the LA regulations say, if they don't want you in their vehicle you aren't getting in. You may have cause for complaint (the next day) if you have been discriminated against for a disability but that won't help you in the here and now and get you home. It was common practice when I left the licenced trade nearly 10 years ago to ask for cash up front if you had the slightest doubt that you would be getting paid at the other end. I never encountered an honest customer who had the means to pay that had an issue with that and I'm not aware of any driver ever being sanctioned for using this crime reducing tactic. If you have no money it's not the drivers problem, try getting on a bus with no money. Hackney Carriage drivers can only charge a maximum fare of what is displayed on the taximeter but are allowed to offer a discount, PHV are a law unto themselves but most use the same meters/tariffs as the LA Hackney Carriages or operate on a maximum quoted fare.
  4. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Oh, that explains it then. OP there is no easier way to gather evidence than to pick on someone who's not in your team and you never have to work with again, unfortuantely it seems you have become part of this ladder climbing buffoons portfolio. Play the game, tie him up in paperwork and make sure you are accompanied to any meetings.
  5. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    T/SPS? Does that mean he is temporary/acting? Sounds like an 'evidence gatherer' looking for a tick box meeting for his PDR.
  6. Refusing bail conditionins

    Would you like to quote a source? Code C states 'the fact and time of any detainee’s refusal to sign a custody record, when asked in accordance with this Code must be recorded.' It doesn't say you can't release them.
  7. Pottymouth Anti Socialite

    Yes, why wouldn't I?
  8. Pottymouth Anti Socialite

    You have a stone bonker S4a POA when he tells the MOP to 'go *** himself'. HAD is supported by the call to police, necessity is to ascertain his address.
  9. Refusing bail conditionins

    As above, it's not for the DP to accept the conditions they are given bail conditions to adhere to. The PACE clock can be extended to 36 hours by a superintendant and further to 96 hours by a warrant of further detention. It would be very difficult to make a decision based on the information you have provided.
  10. Refusing bail conditionins

    A DP doesn't have to accept bail conditions, they are placed on him. What is the offence, what is their previous offending history and have they breached bail before? If you believe that they will breach any bail conditions placed on them once released then surely you should be looking to remand them.
  11. Breaking and entering?

    A court has not issued an eviction notice, the landlord is acting unlawfully by changing the locks. No offence committed by the tenant.
  12. Search on arrest at a police station

    A custody suite can only be a designated police station.
  13. Search on arrest at a police station

    A police station without custody facilities is not a designated police station as in S35 PACE. In the scenario above you cannot search using S32 or S54 powers unless something has changed since this was last discussed.
  14. SGT OSPRE 2015

    Just to help I have shamelessly quoted myself. Everyone has their own opinions but this worked for me. I attended the Blackstones crammer run by Paul Connor and I couldn't fault it, it was worth every penny. The results speak for themselves. On the subject of cost I went for 12 months of online Q&A's, paper manuals and the crammer course. In all around £300 but that's small potatoes for a pass.
  15. PDU

    Source http://www.sussex.police.uk/whats-happening/latest/news-stories/2014/03/19/manhunt-team-thrives-on-specials-ingredient