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  1. When do they contact references?

    My two education related references were contacted roughly a month before I started training and my personal referees weren't contacted at all.
  2. Attestation

    Yep we've got a good system for keeping in touch!
  3. no more CS exposure in training!

    Haha mate, I remember our intakes CS exposure all too well. Although it isn't a great feeling, they really shouldn't get rid of it!
  4. starting my duties on borough next week, can't wait!

  5. death by NCALT..

  6. attestation all over, brilliant day!

  7. 12 hours until attestation, but hey who's counting?

  8. Attesting the day after tomorrow, cannot wait!

  9. attestation next Saturday, training has flown by!

  10. 5 Saturdays left, then attestation. Cannot wait!

  11. Attestation

    Have you booked your borough induction yet? I had mine booked, but then our date of attestation changed. So it's being altered now in line with that. I've got all the long Ncalts left to complete..
  12. Attestation

    Good stuff, oh yes the joy of Ncalts. Which borough are you off to?
  13. Attestation

    Congratulations mate! Was it a good event?
  14. I'll be attesting in just over a month and would be keen to get advice as well!
  15. Community Assessors Role

    I thought your vetting was withdrawn so you can't do Specials anymore?