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  1. Bullshire Police Pins

    I'm currently the holder of a blue coloured badge
  2. NCA Recruitment Discussion

    What time did you receive the email and which assessment centre is it?
  3. Ive just sent off my application
  4. I'm not crewing with you...your special

    Not yet, might find out at a later point.
  5. I'm not crewing with you...your special

    I;ve been in a few months now and put about 2/3 hundred hours in. The sergeant called me into the office and asked if there were any problems between us which I was not aware of, he then crewed me with someone else and said he would speak to the PC. The PC I used to actually quite like. The Inspector from the shift did call me the other day and apologised to me and said he would look into it as he was not there on that shift.
  6. I'm not crewing with you...your special

    I had this the other day, PC decided that he did not want to crew with me (had been crewed with them couple of times before, wasn't aware of any issues) SGT walks into room whole shift is in and says PC x you are with SC SM, he then loudly says "I'm not working with him, I'd rather single crew, etc" (maybe add a few expletives) Needless to say I did not stay for the whole night shift and went home after 3 hours.
  7. Best Pictures Of Police Cars

    Don't know if this has been posted before, but my friend just apparently saw this one out of force area.
  8. Police and relationships

    If anyone wants to bring down food to GlosPol much appreciated. Also I believe this to be rather :smiley_offtopic: but shhh.
  9. With my shift we always just take it in turns and it all works out well. Although on one of my first shifts one of the Insp. made me tea. "uh thank you very much Sir."
  10. Name That Police Car Quiz

  11. Out Of Context

    Thread title by SpecialBrad - Just a quick one
  12. Channel 4 Documentary

    I am definitely a pro at doing nothing at work - top skiver me *Edit - spelling
  13. Watches

    I have this it was like £10 when i bought it, but it is now £18
  14. Best earpiece for glasses wearers

    I'd probably say listen only, I've never seen anyone use a ptt mic